Bike Storage

Taking a bicycle instead of a car saves gas money, reduces environmental pollution, and keeps you healthy. If you’re in on the bicycling movement, you’ll love the onsite bike parking amenities at Osprey Apartments. We strive to provide a complete living experience for all of our residents – so, if your one of those folks that prefer life on two wheels, know that you’re covered at Osprey. We’ve made sure to include a Bike Storage Room on floors 2-6. Don’t ever worry about tracking muddy wheels into your apartment again! Plus, our elevators mean you’ll never be lugging your bike up and down a crowded stairwell.

Owning a bike in an apartment building has never been this easy!

From the way you spend time in our community, to your experience of the South Waterfront neighborhood, you’ll live a perfectly well-rounded lifestyle at Osprey.