5 Reasons Osprey Apartments Is Perfect for Portland Cyclists

5 Reasons Osprey Apartments Is Perfect for Portland Cyclists

The Rose City. P-Town. Bridge City. Stumptown. As one of the most eclectic cities in the country, it’s only appropriate that Portland has about a million nicknames. But, there is one moniker that seems to reign supreme these days: Bike Town, thanks to Nike’s bike share program that launched a while ago. The name stuck, PDX-ers have been toiling away at the City’s bike infrastructure for over two decades and the results of their efforts are nothing short of spectacular.

Biking in Portland is more than just a recreational activity; it’s a way of being that’s become entrenched in PDX culture and society. Simply put: Portland is made for life on two wheels. And, at Osprey’s South Waterfront Apartments in Portland, we make sure that Portlanders have access to an exceptional apartment community that follows suit. Here’s how:

A Location That’s Perfect for Biking

When the topic of conversation is finding an ideal place to live, we’re sure you’ve heard it before – location is everything. This is especially true in Portland. Here’s why Osprey’s South Waterfront location is perfect for biking.

Riding With a River View

Riding With a River View near South Waterfront Osprey Apartments

Our community is right next door to the South Waterfront Greenway, a gorgeous linear park that spans from the Marquam Bridge to the River Forum Building. The area includes riverfront access, green spaces, art displays, sitting areas, a preserved wildlife habitat and, most importantly, separated walking and biking trails.

Getting Around Town

Osprey’s South Waterfront location, a cinch to bike to vital public transportation hubs

From the Osprey’s South Waterfront location, it’s a cinch to bike to vital public transportation hubs. For example, downtown Portland is just a 10-minute bike ride north and Tilikum Crossing, the car-free bridge that carries pedestrians, cyclists, the Portland Streetcar, MAX Orange Line, is just right around the corner.

Amazing Trails Nearby

When a short ride or quickly getting from point A to point B is not an issue, the South Waterfront neighborhood also provides easy access to several trails that are great for more substantial biking in Portland. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Springwater Corridor Trail

Springwater Corridor Trail for biking in Portland

*image from Wikipedia

The Springwater Corridor Trail offers a scenic ride that blends beautiful urban and natural landscapes. The approximately 20-mile trail is a segment of a larger loop around Portland. The path follows the riverbank from downtown to Johnson Creek and then veers east to Boring, OR. Along the way, you get awesome views of the Willamette, forests, wetlands, and park refuges.

Waterfront Loop Trail

Waterfront Loop Trail for biking in Portland

*image from Portland Running company

For a Bike Town trail that’s a little less hardcore, you can hop on the Waterfront Loop at the Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. The trip is a bit shorter at 11 miles long, but you’ll still get to check out a ton of fun sights along the way. The path takes you along the Willamette River and under the Morrison, Burnside, Ross Island, and Hawthorne bridges. Delightful green spaces and river views make for a nice, relaxing ride.

Dedicated Bike Storage

Dedicated Bike Storage at South Waterfront Apartments in Portland

Dedicated Bike Storage at South Waterfront Apartments in Portland

Our South Waterfront Apartments in Portland provide a central location close to a plethora of trails, Osprey showcases spaces that are specifically designed for a cyclist lifestyle. We have not one, not two, but three possible areas for safely parking your bike:

  1. Each floor includes a Bike Storage Room
  2. The first floor features an Outdoor Storage and Gear Room with spots for storing and washing bikes (and kayaks and stand-up paddleboards)
  3. Spacious floor plans are conducive to the optional interior bike storage that’s available to all residents

Oh, and there’s no worrying about carrying your bike up flights of stairs. It’s easy to pop into the elevator with a bike and make your way to where you need to be.

A Bright Future in the Green Loop

A Bright Future in the Green Loop South Waterfront Apartments in Portland

*image from Portlandoregon.gov

Believe it or not, Bike Town and the South Waterfront neighborhood are expected to become even more bicycle-friendly in the near future. The Green Loop project is a part of the larger Central City Plan of 2035, which aims to improve the connectivity of the South Waterfront as well as the 10 other districts within the Central City area.

The Green Loop will be a six-mile linear park that’s going to make biking in Portland safer than ever before. The Plan includes new green spaces, a tree canopy, and expansive walking and biking paths. It will reduce Portland’s carbon footprint while bringing additional economic vibrancy to the Central City.

We realize that our focus has been solely cyclist in nature; however, don’t get us wrong – there’s actually much more to these South Waterfront apartments. Our goal is to create an optimal living experience for every kind of lifestyle. With apartment amenities such as a 24/7 Fitness Center, gorgeous Central Courtyard, picturesque Eastside Terrace Courtyard, and multi-purpose Community Lounge equipped with a full kitchen, games, workstation, and TVs, we’ve created a community that promotes convenience, comfort, and connectedness for PDX-ers of all backgrounds.

Whether you consider Portland to be Bike Town or not, you have a home in Osprey Apartments! Contact us to find out more!

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