10 Pizza Spots A Stone’s Throw From Osprey Apartments

10 Pizza Spots A Stone’s Throw From Osprey Apartments

Pizza: The food of all foods. People young and old adore it. You can eat it any which way and it’s always delicious. At Osprey Apartments in Portland’s South Waterfront, we’re not history experts, but we think it may date back to the time of the dinosaurs. Whenever or wherever it started, it stands the test of time.

Being that Portland is a foodie paradise, there are spectacular pizzamongers galore. They key is, you just have to know where to find them. But, before you go on a long quest for good pizza spots in Portland, we suggest checking out our list below. You can take our word for it – some of the best pizza places are right around the corner from Osprey Apartments!

1. Pizzicato Pizza S Waterfront

(3159 SW Moody Ave)

Pizzicato Pizza S Waterfront

*image from Pizzicato’s Facebook

Pizzicato is no stranger to Portland. They’ve been serving up whole pies and slices to PDX-ers for over two decades. All 15 of their locations feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients and rotating pizzas, paninis, and appetizers. If you like choices, this is your place.

2. Heart Pizza

(672 SW Gaines St)

Heart Pizza Near Osprey Apartments

*image from Heart Pizza’s Facebook

Heart Pizza does more than bake scrumptious hand-made Neapolitan pizzas; they actually do some real good for the community as well. For every pizza sold, Heart Pizza donates a dollar to nonprofits and charities.

3. Ranch PDX

(1235 SE Division St #101)

Ranch PDX Pizza spot near osprey apartments

*image from Ranch PDX’s Facebook

Have you been on the hunt for Sicilian-style pizza spots in Portland? Look no further and relax – delivery-only Ranch has your back. The fresh mozzarella, soft center, crispy crust, and garlic red sauce go perfectly with the delicious homemade ranch dressing.

4. HotLips Pizza PSU

(1909 SW 6th Ave)

HotLips Pizza PSU

*image from Hotlips Pizza’s Facebook

When PDX-ers talk about their favorite Portland pizzerias, HotLips often tops their lists. These ‘za veterans tout a history as being the first place to serve gourmet pizza in the Rose City. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is delightful, and the specialty pies and slices are bountiful.

5. 21st Century Pizza

(1221 SW Jefferson St)

21st Century Pizza Near Osprey Apartments Portland

*image from 21st Century pizza’s Facebook

21st Century Pizza is one of the few pizza spots in Portland that serve from a walk-up window. Their traditional pies are freshly prepared with hand-spun dough, high-quality ingredients, and homemade sauce.

6. Pyro Pizza Cart

(1204 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

Pyro Pizza Cart Near Osprey Apartments Portland

*Image from Pyro Pizza Cart’s Website

Culinary-inclined Portlanders have mastered the art of food cart cookery. Pyro Pizza is definitely no exception. All ingredients are locally sourced and the pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven. We also recommend giving the homemade sodas a try. It’s all lip-smacking stuff!

7. Pieology

(Fox Tower or Washington Square)

Pieology Pizza Spot Near Osprey Apartments

*image from Pieology’s Facebook

With Pieology, the possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless. But, as their website states, there are 78 billion pizza possibilities. They have two pizza spots in Portland where you can choose from tons of ingredients to create your own customized pie. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – they have signature pies as well.

8. Pizza a’fetta

(3580 SW River Pkwy)

Pizza a’fetta Near Osprey Apartments

*image from Pizza A Fetta’s Facebook page

This Pizza a’fetta location doubles as a pizzeria and coffee house, so it’s an excellent place to work, or sit and relax for a while. The tasty pizza combinations are pretty traditional, and Half-baked pizzas are available if you prefer eating super fresh ‘za at home.

9. Virtuous Pie

(1126 SE Division St #200)

Virtuous Pie Near Ospreay Apartments

*image from Virtuous Pie’s Instagram

Virtuous, indeed! Virtuous Pie showcases a plant-based menu. It’s all a part of a mission to create delicious food that’s not only healthy for you, but also good for the planet. The pizzas are handcrafted, innovative, and straight-up mouthwatering. As you can probably deduce, this is one of the top pizza spots in Portland for vegans and vegetarians.

10. Rovente Pizzeria

(7119 SW Macadam)

Rovente Pizzeria Near osprey apartments portland

*image from Rovente Pizza’s Facebook

Rovente Pizzeria is locally owned and operated but boasts an “East Coast attitude”. Their NY style (more specifically, Buffalo style) pies are highly affordable fresh, and heavenly. With large slices and impeccable service, it’s no surprise that this place is a darling of the South Waterfront.

Speaking of the South Waterfront, sensational pizza is just one of many reasons why the neighborhood is so special. It’s actually in the midst of an incredible renaissance that has made it one of the most coveted locations in Portland. We at Osprey Apartments are thrilled to be in the presence of greatness.

As an apartment community in the center of the South Waterfront ingenuity and innovation, we know we have to foster a living experience that is beyond reproach. How exactly do we do this? Let us explain:

Life is pretty good in our neck of the woods.

Do you want to live where almost everything is extraordinary? Reach out to Osprey Apartments!

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