In Search of a 2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland? The South Waterfront is your Best Bet

In Search of a 2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland? The South Waterfront is your Best Bet

Portland is growing like crazy, which has been outstanding for the economy. But, if you’ve recently been on the hunt for a 2 bedroom near the downtown area, you know that it’s no cakewalk. Sometimes, it seems like everyone and their mother is searching for a spot where they’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from the culture and diversity of downtown.

Don’t get discouraged, though! Osprey Apartments has some fantastic 2 bedroom options available. And, the best part – we’re just minutes from downtown as well as many other awesome features of Portland! Read on to find out more…

What Do We Mean “Minutes From Downtown”?

2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland at OSPREY

It’s a cinch to get to downtown from Osprey, and it doesn’t matter if you’re driving, walking, biking, or flying. (We put flying in there in case you’re reading this in the future and hover cars exist.) But, in all seriousness, you’d be hard-pressed to find another 2 bedroom in downtown Portland that has a location like Osprey.

We’re located in the South Waterfront District, which is just south of downtown PDX. It’s 7 minutes if you’re driving by car, 10 minutes if you’re on a bike, and 20 to 30 minutes if you’re on foot. Plus, if you’re a public transportation fan, it’s just a 15-minute jaunt.

Osprey Gives You the Best Bang for Your Buck

Osprey Apartments - 2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland

As if easy access to the convenience of downtown wasn’t enough! With Osprey, you also benefit from the palatial scene of the South Waterfront:

South Waterfront Greenway

South Waterfront Greenway

The Greenway is a gorgeous park filled with greenery, trees, wildlife habitats, and walking and biking paths. So, while you may be a city slicker living in a 2 bedroom near downtown Portland, you’re also able to simultaneously connect with nature.

Willamette River

Willamette River Portland - Ospreys Backyard

That’s right – Portland’s most beloved river is basically right in Osprey’s backyard. Not only do you get the opportunity to admire stunning river views on a daily basis, but also you can walk less than 5 minutes to get to the water!

Plenty of Great Places to Eat, Drink, and Exercise


Alto Bajo South Waterfront near 2 bedroom Osprey apartments

*image from alto bajo

Portland is a foodie paradise, and Osprey is lucky to have some of the best chefs cooking up a storm right around the corner. From doing-good-for-the-community pizza to marvelous dumplings, the South Waterfront has you covered.


Hankering near downtown Portland

Hankering for a delicious beer, cocktail, or glass of wine? When you live near downtown Portland, the possibilities for an amazing happy hour or nightcap are endless.


Osprey actually has a 24 hours fully-equipped fitness center on site

Osprey actually has a 24/7, fully-equipped fitness center on site, but there are several other top-notch spots for a decent workout or class. However, just keep in mind that you’ll be paying that gym membership fee, which is totally cool – we just thought we should make clear that our fitness center is free for residents.


upstream excellent coffee shops right around Osprey

*image from Upstreams yelp

Portland isn’t Portland without great coffee, and there are plenty of excellent coffee shops right around Osprey including Rilassi and Southeast Grind (just to name a couple).

What Else Comes With a 2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland?

Good Question! Simply put, killer floorplans and amenities.

The Floorplans

2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland Floor plan1

2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland Floor plan2

2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland Floor plan3

We offer a wide variety of 2-bedroom options with 1 bathroom starting at 839 square feet and 2 bathrooms at 772 square feet. Whatever plan you choose, you can feel rest assured that it is designed to maximize space and flow. Plus, you’ll get a spectacular look with the warm color palettes and modern finishes.


AMENITIES at 2 Bedroom Near Downtown Portland Osprey Apartments

We already told you about the fitness center, but there’s actually so much more:

  • Community lounge with full kitchen, games, and TVs
  • A bike storage room for, you guessed it, bikes
  • Eastside terrace and central courtyards for lounging and taking in beautiful views
  • Lobby lounge for relaxing and connecting with staff (and coffee)
  • Outdoor storage and gear room for storing more significant recreational gear
  • Covered on-site parking that’s available for purchase

You see? There’s no reason to fret about finding a 2 bedroom apartment. You have a phenomenal one waiting for you at Osprey Apartments!

Connect with us to find out more about an extraordinary 2 bedroom near downtown Portland!

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