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Living in Portland in The Future: The Central City 2035 Plan

Living in Portland in the Future. The Central City 2035 Plan

Living in Portland in the Future. The Central City 2035 Plan

Living in Portland these days is pretty spectacular. The incredible renaissance the Rose City has been experiencing has made it one of the most sought-after cities in America. Fortunately, for both new and native PDX-ers, the revitalization and growth of Portland’s neighborhoods and infrastructure are not done yet. Portland officials have released the Central City 2035 Plan, which proposes the further development of the City to not only accommodate population growth, but also positively impacts economic, social, health, environmental, and educational sustainability. Many of these changes are happening right in our own backyard, the South Waterfront, so we thought we’d take the time to let our current and soon-to-be residents know about this exciting plan for the City’s future.

What Is Included in the Plan for Future Portland?

There are several goals outlined in the Plan, four of which we will discuss here. Simply put, the City just wants to make living in Portland as beneficial as possible for all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Destination Willamette River

Willamette River. Future Portland

*image from Wikipedia

This will improve an area along the riverfront of the Willamette so it’s suitable for new restaurants, shops, and recreational options, as well as maritime, historical, ecological, and cultural attractions. There will also be an effort to enhance river transit.

Innovation Quadrant

Future Portland

*image from PortlandOregon.gov

In collaboration with Portland State University, OHSU, and OMSI, the City hopes to encourage the ingenuity that will create jobs and improve the economy. This includes promoting the expansion of traditional and new industrial sectors, and publicizing new research, educational, and economic developments.

Green Loop

Green Loop in Portland. Future Portland from above

*image from Portlandoregon.gov

Living in Portland is going to get even better with the Green Loop. This will be a 6-mile long park that is comprised of wildlife habitats, a tree canopy, and bike and walking paths. It will link all Central City Districts as well as provide connections to the Willamette River and neighborhoods outside of downtown. Plan supporters anticipate that this will decrease the amount of pollution-causing cars on Portland’s roads.

Cultural Initiatives of the Central City 2035 Plan

Living in Future Portland

*image from PortlandOregon.gov

The Plan also consists of strategies for fostering connections to the community and encouraging tourism and cultural awareness. Ideas include the City working to accommodate Portland’s food truck scene and constructing a new community center.

How Will the Future of Living in South Waterfront (and Osprey) Be Affected?

Osprey Apartments. Living in Future Portland

For nearly two years, Osprey residents have been living in Portland and calling the South Waterfront District home. We often talk about our beloved South Waterfront neighborhood because it’s gone through such an amazing transformation that includes an influx of restaurants and shops, the improvement of public transit modes, the development of the South Waterfront Greenway, and the expansion of OHSU. The City of Portland expects to expand the District even more, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the plans.

Those are:

  • Adding more commercial/retail space in the Gibbs and SW Bond area
  • Forming a boulevard in the SW Macadam and SW Moody area
  • Creating open space along the Willamette, making it easy for those living in Portland to make use of the riverfront
  • Upgrading the Portland Aerial Tram transportation hub
  • Improving the connections between the South Waterfront District and the areas to the west and south
  • Enhancing the greenway trail as well as the east and west connections to it

The Central City 2035 Plan is expected to bring Central City over 50,000 new jobs and nearly 40,000 new households. Moreover, it’s predicted that the area will grow to contain 30 percent of Portland’s population. It’s an incredible plan that’s going to do wonders for all PDX-ers!

Osprey Apartments is truly indicative of a Portland lifestyle. Beyond designing apartments and features that are focused on comfort and convenience, we also work to make sure that residents loving and living in Portland remain connected to their community. It’s the reason Osprey’s location is just south of downtown, and right next door to the Willamette River and South Waterfront Greenway. It’s also the inspiration behind amenities like a bike storage room, and an outdoor storage and gear room. We want our residents to appreciate their environment and remain active in the City and culture.

We’re proud to be a part of something great! Don’t you want to be, too? Contact Osprey Apartments now!

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