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Shaping the South Waterfront: Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University

If you’ve spent any time in the Rose City, you’ve probably heard of the Oregon Health & Science University. We often talk about OHSU in the Osprey Apartments blog because of its incredible history, and the positive impact it has on the neighborhood and the residents of our beloved South Waterfront.  

Not only is it an amazing organization that provides incredible health care, it’s also an integral contributor to the Portland economy. Currently, OHSU is one of the largest employers in the South Waterfront. We’re extremely proud to provide Portlanders with unbeatable luxury apartments near OHSU, which is why we’re taking a little time to discuss OHSU, it’s history, and it’s impact on the South Waterfront.

The Early Years of OHSU

University of Oregon Medical School

*Image from OHSU’s Site

OHSU’s history spans back to the late 1800s. Its predecessor, the Willamette University School of Medicine, served Salem for 10 years before being relocated to Portland in 1877. In 1915, the School merged with the University of Oregon Medical Department to form the University of Oregon Medical School. Four years later, the program moved operations to Marquam Hill, which is still a hub for medical care.

Becoming OHSU

OHSU Nurses Dormitory

*image from ohsu’s site

Over the next four decades, through mergers and expansion, the University broadened its medical program to encompass nursing and dentistry. Then, in 1955, lawmakers proposed that the School should become a teaching hospital. By 1974, all the various schools and hospitals that occupied Marquam Hill merged to form Oregon’s first academic medical center. In 1981, the center was officially named Oregon Health Sciences University.

OHSU As We Know It Today

OHSU’s main campus still currently remains in Marquam Hill, and additional hospitals and clinics have spread throughout Portland. Since 2003, OHSU has been expanding its services to the area near our South Waterfront apartments, and the campus is still growing as we type this! Today, OHSU is one of the top health care providers and has been deservingly on the US News & World Report’s list of the best hospitals in the nation.

Portland Aerial Tram at OHSU

Portland Aerial TramWith the expansion of OHSU, it was necessary to devise a transportation system that would simplify the travel experience from the South Waterfront to the main campus. This was because the roads were not really conducive to the amount of traffic making its way between the two campuses. So, Portland and OHSU worked to construct an aerial tram 3,300 feet above the ground. Currently, the Tram runs in coordination with the Portland Streetcar and TriMet. It’s open to the public and about 20,000 people ride it every day!

Osprey’s Apartments Near OHSU

Osprey’s South Waterfront Apartments are ideal for those who work at or need to live near OHSU. And, it’s not just because the Portland Aerial Tram and OHSU are just a 6-minute walk from us. The South Waterfront and Osprey are a perfect mixture of natural and urban environments. The neighborhood is constantly expanding with dining, shopping, and entertainment options. But, that doesn’t mean a connection to nature is compromised at all. The beautiful Willamette River and South Waterfront Greenway, which just so happen to be next door to us, are the crown jewels of the area.  

In addition, our South Waterfront apartments offer Portlanders spacious, modern homes that include state-of-the-art amenities and features like:

  • high-end appliances
  • an onsite fitness center
  • bike and outdoor gear storage rooms, covered onsite parking, and a well-appointed Community Lounge. And, a moment with nature can always be had on our Eastside Terrace and Central Courtyards.  

As you can tell, we’re proud of our community and neighborhood. The Oregon Health and Science University is the largest employer in the South Waterfront, and throughout the years they’ve helped make the South Waterfront into what it is today! We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in Portland.

You just can’t beat how vibrant and convenient it is here! Drop us a line to find out about our South Waterfront apartments!

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