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The Portland Heat Wave Is Here! Are You Ready?

Portland Heat Wave

We’re in the midst of a major Portland heat wave, and chances are the temperatures are not just going to be high – they’re going to be record breaking. In fact, one National Weather Service forecast model has predicted a high of 113 degrees! If you’re starting to sweat just thinking about the heat, let us help you cool down. Since Osprey’s South Waterfront apartments are near the heart of Portland, we know some of the best spots in downtown for keeping cool. Here are our tips for beating the heat!

Take Steps to Avoid Heatstroke

First and foremost, it’s important to talk about keeping yourself healthy during the Portland heat wave. One serious threat caused by prolonged heat exposure is heatstroke. This is when your body overheats to the point that it’s a medical emergency. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to ensure that your body temperature stays below 104 degrees:

  • Drink lots of water and avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Limit the amount of physical activity you do
  • Don’t use appliances that generate heat (i.e. dryer or oven)
  • Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing
  • Seek out places with air conditioning
  • Take a shower or find other ways to get in the water and lower the body temp

Handling the Portland Heat Wave With Kids

Portland Coolest Parks

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If you have kids, you probably have a conundrum: getting them out of a hot house and protected from the outside heat, while not keeping them cooped up in an air-conditioned room all day. The easiest solution is to take them to water. There are several parks that cater to water-seeking little ones, but these are our favorite:

Elizabeth Caruthers Park

Named for a famed early pioneer woman, Elizabeth Caruthers is a great place to take the kids for a cool off, thanks to the splash pad, and it’s right around the corner from Osprey’s South Waterfront Apartments.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

The Tom McCall waterfront park is another opportunity for you and the kids to beat the heat in Downtown Portland. Just a quick stroll along the Willamette from Osprey Apartments, this waterfront park is known for it’s scenic views and for Salmon Street Springs, the outdoor fountain that’s quite popular during the summer.

Woodlawn Park (13th Avenue and Dekum Street)

Woodlawn makes it easy for parents to roll strollers directly onto the splash pad. Also, the kids will surely love the goofy spraying rings.

Director Park (Yamhill and Park Avenue)

A fun way to beat the Portland heat wave is to take a trip to Director Park. It showcases an interactive fountain that kids go nuts for. Oh, and highlight that you’re sure to appreciate: there’s free WIFI in the Park.

Peninsula Park

Peninsula Park not only includes a combination of a fountain and splash pad, but also two different playgrounds. The kids can keep busy hopping from activity to cooling down.

Go for a Swim

Poet's Beach

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If you and the kids are more swimmers than waders, there are some awesome spots for getting your swim on. These places are so beautiful, you might just forget you’re in the middle of the Great Portland Heat Wave of 2017!

Poets Beach (Near the OMSI)

This is a brand new area along the Willamette River that is just north of our South Waterfront apartments. It’s easily reached via a path through riprack rock.

Broughton Beach (Near the PDX airport)

Not many Portland beaches are sandy like Broughton. Plus, you can catch some amazing views of Mt. Hood.

Tom McCall Bowl Beach at the Grass Bowl


With Tom McCall, you get a good amount of river access, as well as a grassy area for lounging. For many Portlanders, it’s the best place for beach swimming that’s located inside the city.

Find Sanctioned Cooling Centers

Of course, not everyone is crazy about water. Fortunately, there are several designated places for getting out of the Portland heat wave. Here are a few that aren’t too far from downtown PDX:

  • Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, 18300 NW Park View Blvd, Portland, OR 97229
  • Beaverton City Library at Murray Scholls, 11200 SW Murray Scholls Pl, Beaverton, OR 97007
  • Tigard Public Library, 13500 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR 97223

Consider Osprey Apartments

Osprey Apartments

At Osprey, we believe a home should be a place of solace, not a place to escape from in less-than-ideal weather. For that reason, we make sure tenants don’t have to leave home to be comfortable in situations like the Portland heat wave.

Our Community Lounge is a cool spot equipped with a full kitchen, workstation, games, TVs, couches, and free WIFI. Also, if a bit of fresh air is needed, the lounge is connected to our Eastside Terrace, which boasts gorgeous views of the Willamette and Ross Island. So, if you can’t be a guest of an Osprey resident, maybe think about actually joining our family – we’d love to have you!

In hot or cold times, Osprey is one of the most comfortable yet vibrant apartment communities in Portland. We create convenient and balanced lifestyles for our residents. In addition to the Community Lounge, we provide spacious and stylish apartments as well as amenities like a fitness center, an outdoor storage and gear room, bike storage, and a Central Courtyard.

Come check out one of the coolest places to be during the Portland heat wave! Contact us about our South Waterfront apartments!!

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