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The Best Portland Food Trucks In The South Waterfront for Summer 2017

The Best Portland Food Trucks In The South Waterfront for Summer 2017

A dining revolution is underway and one booming city is at the forefront of that change. We are talking of course again about the food truck revolution going on currently in Portland, Oregon. From quick lunch time eats to fancy dinner options, food trucks have been springing up on nearly every corner so much so that it is hard to keep up. Last year at this time, we wrote a blog post about 7 of the Best Food Trucks in South Waterfront. A lot has changed in that time and so now we are back with an update to that list. So here it is, The Best Portland Food Trucks In The South Waterfront for Summer 2017!

#1: Dipped and Flipped

Dipped and Flipped Portland food truck

Image from Dipped and Flipped’s Yelp

From modern takes on old classics like grilled cheese and pb+j, Dipped and Flipped has been making a name for itself in the Portland food truck scene. Head over to Southwest Portland for breakfast perhaps and grab yourself a ‘breakfast dog’ with jalapeno poppers or lunch eats like Peanut Butter and Jelly Brie Corn Dogs, there is something for everyone at this unique little food truck. So head on over to the South Waterfront in Portland and check out this fun spot for yourself!

#2: Gyro Plus

Gyro Plus Portland food truck

Image from Gyro Plus’ Yelp Page

We all remember where we were when we first had falafel….At least I do. And as people rant and rave on Yelp, this Portland food truck has some of the best falafel you will ever have. Mixed with Mediterranian classics like tabouli, pita wraps, and fries and at less than $10 for a plate of food, how can you go wrong?

#3: Hapa PDX

Hapa PDX Portland food truck

Image from Hapa PDX’s Yelp

Ramen is all the craze now in the West, and this Portland food truck located right next to the tram does it better than anyone. This cart’s menu consisted of poke, curry rice bowl, and a few other items so there is something for everyone, and with a flare of Hawaiian cuisine added into traditional Japanese cooking, you can spice up your day in all the right ways!

#4: Garden Monsters

Garden Monsters food truck option in South Waterfront

*Image from Garden Monsters’ Yelp Page

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! For those of you who live in Portland, this little food truck provides endless options for a quick, cheap bite to eat at lunch time along the South Waterfront. We hear people rave about their breakfast wraps and bowls, as well as their MONSTER salads. So next time you are looking for a cheap, healthy food truck option in South Waterfront, look no further than Garden Monsters!

#5: Upside Down

Upside Down Southeast Portland food truck

*Image from Upside Down’s Yelp Page

We have heard nothing but good things about this Southeast Portland food truck. A glorious mix between a beer bar, American food restaurant, and food truck, Upside Down has had people talking about its cheap dining options, amazing outdoor patio/pavilion area, and of course, it’s delicious eats. With an excellent and extensive beer tap list, the hardest choice you will make with choosing here is what to drink. Perhaps try something new or go with an old favorite. But for food, the Cesar Rojo with the paprika sauce is an absolute must try! Trust me.

#6: Korean Twist

Korean Twist Portland food truck

Image From Korean Twists’ Yelp Page

As Korean food has been making its way into the hearts and palettes all across the West, this Portland Korean / Mexican fusion food truck has set itself apart from the rest. From bulgogi (Korean style beef) burritos for $6 to endless taco combos both vegetarian and meat filled, there is something for everyone. Korea Twist is a local favorite that will deserve a spot among the best food trucks in all of Portland.

#7: Braddah Bowls

Braddah Bowls Portland food truck in South Waterfront

Image From Braddah Bowls Yelp Page

Rounding out our list for the best Portland Food Trucks In The South Waterfront for Summer 2017, we have Braddah Bowls. Braddah Bowls came to life right at the perfect moment to take advantage of the poke revolution in the West and they have sure made a name for themselves in South Waterfront and amongst the Portland food truck scene for doing so. By taking a new twist on the bowl, Braddah Bowls has brought Japanese cuisine like sushi and nigiri to live as a quick lunch time eat. Our personal favorite? The Spicy Ahi (Tuna) Bowl. A definite welcome addition to the Portland food truck scene.

So there it is, our updated list of the best food trucks in Portland, Oregon in Summer 2017! One of the best parts of Portland is access to all the delicous food, and Osprey is right in the middle of it all! Here at Osprey in South Waterfront, we find ourselves getting a quick bite to eat or a sit down meal at any one of these on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to live in Portland next to some of the best food trucks Portland has to offer, contact Osprey today!

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