Looking for a 2 Bedroom Apartment In Portland? Osprey Apartments Has It All


So, you know you want a luxury apartment in Portland, and you know you want it to be a 2 bedroom. Have you thought about the kind of community you want to live in? Are there specific amenities that you’re looking for? It’s true – there’s no shortage of apartment choices out there. But still, not all apartments are created equal – you’ve got to make sure you wind up in the right spot!

At Osprey Apartments in Portland’s South Waterfront, we ensure that our residents live in a welcoming, comfortable community that’s designed to meets all their wants and needs. We’re not in the business covering up low-quality living experiences with extraneous features. Don’t settle for any 2 bedroom apartment in Portland – aim for the best!

Osprey Has the Best Location for a Luxury Apartment in Portland


When you’re on the hunt, remember that a location can make or break your living experience. Every amenity in the world is not going to matter if you’re in a spot that isn’t convenient, comfortable, and fun.

We chose the South Waterfront District because it’s the perfect embodiment of urban and natural settings. Plus, it’s still expanding and only going to get better. There are dining and shopping options popping up all the time.


Also, the South Waterfront Greenway, which includes paths and space for picnicking, running, walking, biking, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking, is right next to us.


Plus, Downtown is 10 minutes north of us, and there are several public transportation options in the area including the MAX Orange Line and the Portland Streetcar. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another luxury apartment in Portland that offers a better location.

The Amenities


 Okay, so you’re probably wondering about our amenities and features at this point. We get it. We’re confident that we have what you want in a 2 bedroom apartment in Portland:


Overall, We Just Care About People

We’re not being sappy – we’re just being honest. We understand that an ideal luxury apartment in Portland must go beyond providing an incredible location and amazing amenities. That’s why we also work to promote a connection to community through the Osprey Apartments blog. We constantly keep Portlanders updated on the latest and greatest Rose City happenings! 

Still unsure about Osprey? Come visit us! Spend the day in the South Waterfront neighborhood and get a glimpse at what it’d be like to call this incredible corner of Portland home.

If you can’t grace us with your presence right now, no worries! Just give us a call to find out about renting a gorgeous luxury apartment in Portland!

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