The Best Shopping Near Osprey Apartments

The Best Shopping Near Osprey Apartments

Portland has become a metropolitan mecca for people all over the world. This is inspiring droves of newbies to put down their roots in Portland every day. One cool result of this is that as the City and its population grow and become more eclectic, so do the shopping options. Not to toot our own horn, but there are tons of places for getting a Rose City shopping fix, and all of the top spots are just minutes from Osprey’s Portland luxury apartments in the South Waterfront!

  1. MadeHere PDX

MadeHere PDX

If you’ve spent any time in the Portland at all, you know that style and innovation tend to drive the City. While you’re shopping in Portland, you’ll notice this everywhere. Made Here PDX in the Pearl District celebrates the amazing creativity of Portlanders. A Rose City way of life shines through all the various products designed and made by local craftsmen and artists, making a definite must if you’re looking for a hot spot to shop in PDX.

  1. Redux PDX

Redux PDX

Redux PDX is all about appealing to Portlanders’ quirky side. The shop boasts over 10,000 different products that are all uniquely crafted by artists. If you ever need to search for a one-of-a-kind gift, head straight over to Redux. Many Osprey residents walk to Redux from their Portland luxury apartments, because the store is just a mile and a half away and easily accessed via Tilikum Crossing.

  1. Crafty Wonderland

Crafty Wonderland

As their name suggests, this really is a wonderland of crafts. More than 200 local artists contribute handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories and other items to Crafty Wonderland’s downtown store. Plus, in May and December, they host awesome art and craft markets at the Convention Center. A true staple of the Rose City!

  1. Vintage Vintage

Vintage Vintage

Vintage Vintage is a 3200 square-foot retail space filled with vendors, sellers and dealers offering the best of their vintage collections. From records to furniture pieces, you’re sure to find a cool item to take home with you.

  1. Simply Vintage Co.

Simply Vintage Co.

Speaking of vintage, recycled clothing is kind of a big deal in the Pacific Northwest. And, Simply Vintage, which is about a 10-minute drive from Osprey’s Portland luxury apartments, is successfully keeping the trend alive. A staff with an eye for fashion always carefully curates the amazing garments offered here, so you know you’re going to find something fabulous.

  1. Brooklyn Mall

Brooklyn Mall

If you love antiquing and you’re looking for prime shopping near the South Waterfront, Brooklyn Mall is your place. It occupies a massive historic building on Milwaukee Avenue, between SE Pershing and SE Haig. In true antique store fashion, the inventory and dealers are constantly changing, making it yet another spot that’s ideal for finding one-of-a-kind items.

  1. Pioneer Place

Pioneer Place

For a more modern shopping experience, hit up Pioneer Place. This is a large, upscale mall with a food court and all the World’s major brands and stores. It’s pretty simple to get to Pioneer Place using just public transportation. If you go from the South Waterfront and our Portland luxury apartments, it’s a cinch to pick up the number 9 bus line on South Waterfront/SW Moody.

  1. Washington Square

Washington Square

With two floors and over 1.5 million square feet, it’s no surprise that Washington Square is one of the most successful shopping malls in America. Here, you’ll find all the top department stores and specialty shops that you know and love.

  1. Lloyd Center

Lloyd Center

Lloyd Center is a shopping staple in Portland. For over a half-century, Portlanders have depended on the iconic mall to provide them access to popular stores and products. Also, with an ice rink inside and a Regal multiplex across the street, Lloyd Center makes shopping in Portland a blast – it’s one of the city’s most classic mall experiences!

It’s not too often that you find a Portland luxury apartment that helps keep you in the know. At Osprey Apartments, we continuously work to understand what matters most to our residents. And, this effort goes well beyond choosing a location that is perfect for first-rate shopping. We also took great care in designing a community that is completely based on what residents want and need. From spacious floor plans and top-of-the-line finishes to social spaces for working, exercising, lounging and connecting with neighbors, we’ve thought of everything to create a balanced lifestyle for tenants.

Do you want to live in a community that is centered on you? Check out Osprey’s Portland luxury apartments!

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