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How to Find the Right Luxury Apartment in Portland

How to Find the Right Luxury Apartment in Portland

The secret is out! Droves of people all over the world are hearing about how awesome Portland is, and folks are moving here left and right. Portland is more than accommodating to both natives and newbies alike, and all the newcomers certainly help make Portland the special city that it is. The downside is that it can be difficult to find the right luxury apartment, especially if you have particular tastes. If you’re in this position, and you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry – we’ll help you to find the right spot.

1. Hit the Internet! Use Apartment Listing Sites

Apartment Listing Sites

The internet is your best friend and Apartment listing sites can make a rental quest a million times easier, especially if you’re looking for a luxury apartment.

At Osprey, we utilize top listing sites like:

utilize top listing sites

There’s two major reasons we, and other luxury apartments around Portland use Real estate listing sites.

  • It’s where the renters are. Most rental listing sites make it very easy to quickly peruse through multiple listings, which is why renters love them.
  • Real Estate listing sites help luxury apartments like Osprey achieve maximum visibility. They’re often first to rank in search engine results, and because most sites are well moderated, they have functionality that renters prefer.

2. Think About Your Ideal Location

Location gets its own section here because it’s so incredibly important. All the amenities in the world can’t make up for a terrible location. If you have an awful commute, or you’re isolated from the city and its conveniences, your comfort and happiness will become severely compromised. Before you search for a luxury 2 bedroom apartment in Portland, you’ll want to consider which individual neighborhoods are favorable to both work and play.

Your Ideal Location

Osprey Apartments is located in the South Waterfront neighborhood, which we very purposely chose because of all the amazing conveniences it offers:

South Waterfront neighborhood

3. Consider What You Want/Need From a Luxury Apartment in Portland

You shouldn’t settle for an apartment that only gives you a little bit of what you want or need. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a prioritized list of what you can’t live without. Obviously, we’ve talked about location, but what about finer details like storage for bikes and recreational equipment, access to an onsite fitness center, ability to use social gathering spaces and the need pet-friendly community?

our amenities and features - Osprey Apartments

At Osprey, we devote a lot of energy in making sure residents have what they want and need. We take the time to listen to what modern renters expect out of a luxury apartment in Portland. We don’t bog tenants down with extraneous comforts and features that are unnecessary and, quite frankly, overwhelming. We focus only on what will create a well-balanced lifestyle by making sure our amenities and features have meaning and purpose.

After all is said and done, sometimes the best luxury apartment communities in Portland find you. If you’re reading this blog, then you already know you’ve found the right luxury apartment for you.

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