5 Can’t Miss day trips out of Portland

day trips out of Portland

As awesome as life in the city is, it’s nice to indulge in Portland day trips every now and then to get a change of scenery. Thankfully, in Oregon, we have our choice of some spectacular spots for escaping the daily grind and unwinding. And, all of them are under three hours from downtown and Osprey Apartments! There certainly a lot of cool places you that surround the Rose City, but not all of them are as amazing as these five! Here are 5 Can’t-Miss Day Trips out of Portland!

1. Multnomah Falls

The tranquility and grandeur of Multnomah Falls is just 30 minutes from the city and right off the I-84. This makes it the easiest of all the Portland day trips here, which is a lucky break! No matter what time of year it is, the water is always flowing over the 621-foot waterfall; however, the best times for flow tend to be late winter and spring. You’ll have the chance to appreciate the amazing scenery in more than one way – either from the main viewing area or by taking the trail to Benson Bridge to check out the two tiers of the Falls.

2. Cannon Beach

The charm of Cannon Beach is palpable! In fact, there are actually legal regulations in place to ensure that street corners are not littered with big chain corporations. If you’re looking for Portland day trips that are non-commercialized and have a quaint, small-town feeling, this is the place for you. Oh, of course, we can’t forget to mention that you must hit up the spectacular beach coastline, which offers gorgeous views of the wilderness.

3. Cape Lookout State Park

Cape Lookout is a great area for some first-rate hiking, and it’s only about an hour and a half from Osprey Apartments. From owls to eagles to whales, there’s no shortage of impressive wildlife to spot as you walk to the tip of the cape, which is a little under a 5-mile trip. You also have the choice of heading down to the secluded beach or strolling northwards towards the picnic grounds. If this is one of the Portland day trips you take, be sure to bring some decent hiking shoes with you, as casual wear might be too weak for the muddy portions of the trails.

4. Bagby Hot Springs

A hot springs soak is said to have a wealth of health benefits including pain relief, reducing stress, solving sleep problems and improving blood circulation. Bagby boasts three bathhouses and 10 soaking tubs being fed by the hot springs. Most of the tubs are communal, so be prepared to make some new friends. There are also five private tubs available in the Private Deck bathhouse, but you might be waiting a bit for a turn. If you’re not into Portland Day Trips that include community soaks, don’t worry! Bagby is also near a nice hiking trail leading to Shower Creek where you’ll encounter a beautiful 50-foot waterfall.

4. Seattle!

If you’re a fan of the T.V. show Portlandia, you’ve seen the running gag about an intense competition between Portland and Seattle. This isn’t the case. Portland and Seattle actually have a symbiotic relationship – they’re ruling the Pacific Northwest together! Seattle is just under three hours from Portland and offers a vibrant downtown bursting with history and culture. Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are definitely a must. Or, you can check out the tons of hiking options. There’s so much to do, it might end up one of the Portland day trips you take regularly.

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