Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Portland

Best Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Portland

To say that Earth Day in Portland is important is an understatement. Portlanders have a passion and respect for Mother Earth that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else! In fact, as the first city to enact a bottle and can refund program, you might say that Portland is actually one of the pioneers of the environmental movement. So, it’s only appropriate that there are plenty of Earth Day celebrations happening all over the Rose City. And, to keep you in the know, we at Osprey have put together a list of the top activities to check out!

1. Earth Day at Portland State University

The PSU Environmental Club organizes a whole week of functions for Earth Day in Portland This includes volunteering, discussions, a movie screening, and a festival and march. The main events to check out are the Earth Day Festival and the March for Science. The Festival will be held at PSU Park Blocks on April 21 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will feature several environmental organizations, live music and a reuse fair. Then, on April 22 at 10 a.m., the March for Science begins, which will raise awareness about the value of science in our world. The plan is to go from the Market Center Building to Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

2. Take in Some Nature on Sauvie Island

A simple way to enjoy Earth Day in Portland is to just go out and appreciate one of the many stunning Oregon landscapes! Sauvie is a 26,000-acre island located just about 20 miles northwest of downtown Portland and Osprey Apartments. There’s so much to experience on Sauvie Island but most enjoy the bird watching, hiking, kayaking and boating. And, it’s home to several U-Pick farms where you can try out the best of local vegetables, fruits and flowers!

3. Volunteer With Solve Oregon

We understand that you might be searching for more than just a festival or day out in nature. For many, Earth Day in Portland is actually a time for action and service. Solve Oregon encourages citizens to help keep the planet healthy and beautiful through SOLVE IT for Earth Day. All over the state, volunteers will be giving back to the environment by picking up trash and planting trees. There will be groups organizing all over Oregon, so there’s sure to be one near you.

4. Earth Day at The Oregon Garden

On Earth Day, the whole family gets free admission into The Oregon Garden for this educational and entertaining event. Against the incredible backdrop of the Garden, you can connect with exhibitors, learn about recycling and composting, and enjoy food and live music. Plus, there will be a display of alpacas! What better way to spend Earth Day in Portland than getting to know an alpaca?

5. Hoppy Earth Day Brew Fest

At the Hoppy Earth Day Brew Fest, you can drink and run for a good cause. All proceeds from this event go to the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, which works to protect and restore forests and watersheds. A $15 ticket gets you a commemorative glass and 10 tastings of beer. For an additional $30, you can get a little more active and run the optional 5k.

6. Wulapalooza

On April 29, thousands of people will be hitting up the Willamette University campus for a free music and arts festival that celebrates Earth Day in Portland. Starting at 12 p.m., you can check out performances, booths, exhibits and activities put on by student and community organizations. Then, once 4 p.m. rolls around, the festival’s main stage opens up for the headlining bands that play throughout the night.

7. Earth Day Spring Festival

Adults and children alike love the Earth Day Spring Festival that happens on April 25. The event takes place at the Learning Garden Laboratory, which works to educate the community on gardening and sustainability. The day is filled with workshops, activities, raffles, music and food. You can also buy yourself some plants or get a free bike tune-up!

Earth Day in Portland reminds us that we’re all in this together. If there’s one thing that we all have in common, it’s that we call this planet our home.

At Osprey, we know that Portlanders care about a connection to the environment. For that reason, we make sure our residents have the ability to be one with nature and their community. It’s why we’re right next door to the South Waterfront where the Willamette River flows, and wildlife and greenery thrives. It’s also why we provide access to storage for bikes and outdoor gear – no one should ever have to sacrifice a passion for the outdoors to live in the city. And, at any moment, tenants can walk just seconds from their apartments to the Central Courtyard or Eastside Courtyard Terrace where they can get to know their neighbors, lounge or just appreciate the gorgeous views of Portland. We’ve created a perfect balance of the urban and natural world!

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