6 Quick Tips to Ready Your Apartment for the Spring


It’s that time again! You might have been waiting in your apartment through the winter for the sun to come out, and if so chances are you’ve collected a little dust during one of your many Netflix binges or other cold weather activities you’ve gotten used to over the last few months. All that to say your home is likely due for a nice round spring cleaning and a fresh start! Well don’t worry, Spring cleaning for your apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. Osprey is here to help with some apartment tips that will make the whole process a breeze!

1. De-Clutter

De-Clutter South Waterfront Portland

We designed our South Waterfront apartments to be spacious and functional so there’s no need for clutter! Clutter can greatly affect your apartment’s flow, which not only impedes your livable space, but also creates an uninviting environment. Take a look at your belongings. Has it been six months since you’ve used an item? If it has, you probably don’t need it and it can be thrown out. For the things you can’t live without, organize each article into a “keep” or “storage” pile. We know it’s hard to follow apartment tips that require you to part with your possessions but trust us – it’s a must-do for a spring cleaning!

2. Store Warm Clothing

Store Warm Clothing

Something like a down parka is not going to make an appearance for a while. Anything that you won’t be wearing during the warm months should be stored away. Fold up your coats and sweaters, and put more durable items into a plastic bin that you can store in your closet or under your bed. If you can get your hands on a cotton storage bin, use it for the more delicate items. You might also want to wrap delicates in chemical-free tissue paper. Try to find a dark and dry storage spot that is not too warm.

A quick note – if you live in Osprey’s South Waterfront apartments, you have the option of placing your belongings into storage spaces that are available for purchase.

3. Clean Your Windows

Clean Your Windows Portland OR

This is a simple apartment tip, but an important and often overlooked one. Winter weather can often cause dirt and dust to build up on your windows. This does more than just reduce the amount of sunlight into your apartment – it can actually make the window difficult to open. You want to be ready for a beautiful, breezy day, so give all your windows a good spring cleaning. In a spray bottle, simply combine a quarter cup of white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Spray the windows and wipe down with a microfiber cloth or squeegee. Voila!

4. Wash Blinds/Curtains

Wash Blinds and Curtains

We do have some apartment tips that go beyond the aesthetics and décor of your space. While you do want to clean your blinds and curtains to keep colors from looking dull and unattractive, the real problem is the dust and allergens that build up. Gorgeous spring days will inspire you to open and close your curtains and blinds quite a bit – you don’t want pollutants blowing in your face every time you do this. Simple strategies that tenants of our South Waterfront apartments swear by – vacuum curtains and use a damp cloth to wipe off any dust and particles on blinds. If your window treatments are more delicate, make sure to do a little research on more detailed cleaning methods.

5. Deep Clean Rugs and Carpet/Mop Floors

Deep Clean Rugs and Carpet and Mop Floors

Speaking of dust, allergens and health-related apartment tips – make sure to take your rugs outside and beat the nasty stuff out. Also, clean your hard floors by filling a bucket with some hot water and a few drops of dish soap. If you have carpets, it actually might be a good idea to have a professional do that spring cleaning for you. You can’t have a fresh start if you there are germs and bacteria under your feet!

6. Clean Out the Refrigerator

The winter holidays probably supplied you with massive amounts of leftovers. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are a couple of food containers lingering, which is why your refrigerator is included in Osprey’s apartment tips for spring cleaning. While getting rid of those leftovers, take a look at condiments and other articles in there as well. If you see expiration dates that have passed or stuff you never use, trash it! Also, once everything is out, use a mixture of carbonated soda water and abrasive salt to scrub the shelves clean.

At Osprey, we understand that your apartment needs to be a place of solace. It’s the main reason why we carefully designed the floor plans of our South Waterfront apartments to achieve maximum comfort and convenience. Every element – from the layout to the details of the finishes – makes it easy to clean, stay organized and feel truly at home. Plus, we include bike storage and an outdoor storage and gear room, so you can live an active life without ever compromising your interior space and flow!

Are you looking for a fresh start in a new apartment? Check out Osprey!

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