How to Unpack Like a Pro: Tips for Organizing your New South Waterfront Apartment

How to Unpack Like a Pro: Tips for Organizing your New South Waterfront Apartment

So you just landed the new apartment, huh? Well, Congratulations! A fresh start is in your future! Now you just have to pack up all of your possessions, move, unpack and start organizing your apartment. Did that last sentence make your heart sink a little? It’s understandable. Not many people in this world find moving to be a fun, enjoyable experience. While we can’t eliminate the moving process, we can make it a little easier on you. Since our apartments in the South Waterfront opened, we’ve dealt with a lot of moves! So, to make moving a little easier for our newer residents, the experts at Osprey Apartments have decided to share some apartment tips that will make unpacking and setting up your new home quick and painless!   

1. Pack Well

Part of making a smooth transition to a new apartment comes down to preparation. Try and start your packing process early. Pack together all the items you know that you’ll need as soon as possible, and mark those boxes as important. When it’s time to begin organizing your apartment, you’ll already have all your essentials ready to go. You don’t want to have to dig to find your toothbrush. Make sure to label all your boxes by what is inside and what room it belongs in, then start the unpacking process by just putting each box in the appropriate room.

2. Clean Before You Unpack

Cleaning before unpacking is a great idea, not just just because it’s much easier to get your home totally clean without belongings in the way. But, it can also help you better understand the flow of your apartment. While cleaning, you can start visualizing what it will be like to clean a room with all your furniture in it. This will help you make a game plan for how to best utilize the space. All in all, if you clean before unpacking, you’ll be starting off on the right foot, and it’ll be easier to tackle organizing your apartment.

3. Don’t Procrastinate, Unpack Sooner Rather Than Later

You may have seen some apartment tips out there that suggest setting the unimportant boxes aside and just dealing with them later. We caution against this method. Instead, you should empty and get rid of the all your boxes as soon as possible. You don’t want the unpacking chore to remain on your plate for too long. This will only extend your moving stresses,  causing you to feel like you’re in a state of upheaval. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean you should dump everything out of your boxes at once. Prioritization is also a critical aspect of our unpacking  apartment tips.

4. Prioritize Your Unpacking

We suggest a top-down method when it comes to prioritizing your unpacking. In other words, when you’re organizing your apartment, start with larger belongings such as appliances and big pieces of furniture. Then, move on to the smaller pieces. Also, don’t try to find permanent homes for all of these items just yet. Simply, place the big articles on the outside edges of the room, and then you can use the rest of the space to unpack the more compact items like gadgets, sundries, clothing and bed sheets. This approach will help the process move much smoother and quicker, without causing a ton of clutter.

5. Unpack and Organize the Essentials First

Remember when one of our previous apartment tips mentioned labeling boxes as important? This will help guide you to unpacking efficiently. Obviously, starting with the big stuff is a good idea. But, when you’re ready to move on, think about what you’re going to immediately need. Certainly, you’re going to want to eat at some point. Or, you may need to use certain toiletries throughout the day. Whatever is immediately needed ought to be unpacked and organized first. Once that is complete, shift your focus to what is less urgent and start organizing your apartment with decorations, pictures and plants, etc.

6. Organize As You Go

As you are unpacking boxes and bags, try to organize the contents within. You may come across items that can go into storage or even the trash can. It’s okay if you don’t have all your organization done in one day. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you so you don’t overwhelm yourself. But, just as a reminder – don’t take too long to unpack, because that will only delay the comfortable feeling of settling in.

At Osprey, we’re good for more than just a few apartment tips. Our apartments in the South Waterfront can make your experience of moving in Portland a lot less stressful. We have numerous floor plans that fit a variety of needs and lifestyles and each features a design that is both spacious and comfortable. Plus, we have bike storage as well as an outdoor storage and gear room. Whatever stage of the moving process you’re in – unpacking, organizing and decorating – we try to make sure there is as little stress as possible.

Find out for yourself what it’s like to live at Osprey Apartments. Schedule a tour today!

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