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The 6 Best Coffee Shops With Free WIFI Near Portland OR

The 6 Best Coffee Shops With Free WIFI Near Portland OR

At the Osprey Apartments, we’re certain that we’ve made our home in one of the best neighborhoods in all of the Rose City – the South Waterfront! There’s many reasons we feel this way – too many to count, in fact – but one reason stands above the rest, and it’s one we think will definitely resonate with our Portland Caffeine Heads. It’s all the awesome Coffee Shops near Osprey Apartments!

In recent years, all over the Pacific Northwest, coffee purveyors have had to step up their game by not only making great java, but also providing customers with a space where they can work, play, relax or connect with others. This means maintaining a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. And more often than not, that translates to FREE WIFI. Fortunately for the residents of Osprey Apartments, there’s a ton of coffee shop with free WIFI nice and close by. Here are our favorites


Have a hankering for a delicious panini served with a side of impeccable service? Make your way to Rilassi. All their baristas work with smiles on their faces, ready and waiting to handle any and all of your caffeine needs. Plus, the shop is wonderfully spacious and incredibly quiet, making it a favorite for professionals and students alike. You can easily spend an entire afternoon or day working or studying productively at this South Waterfront coffee shop.

Five Points Coffee Roasters

If you like to keep it within the  Portland coffee family family, then you should check out the locally owned Five Points, which is also nice and close to Osprey Apartments. They proudly  consider themselves a relationship-focused coffee shop, encouraging visitors to interact with others and build relationships within the South Waterfront, Portland community. There is plenty of open space and seating, and the abundance of electrical outlets is definitely conducive to work and study groups. And, if you’re out appreciating one of the many Portland bike trails, this is a good spot to end your journey. Five Points is a coffee shop with free WIFI that also happens to sport an ample amount of bike parking spaces.

Upstream Coffee

Upstream is a popular spot, located in the South Waterfront along the outskirts of Tom McCall Park. Here, you can enjoy outdoor seating and fantastic views of the Willamette It’s just a 10-minute drive from Osprey Apartments, so many of our residents make it their go-to spot on a beautiful day. Also, it caters to both the traditional and adventurous coffee drinker. You can keep it simple with a basic cup of drip, or you can order one of their inventive, signature coffee drinks. Ever try a Ginger Matcha Latte or Cranberry Green Tea? If not, Upstream is the perfect coffee shop to do so, and yes, they have FREE WIFI!

True Brew Coffee House

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that has free WIFI but also provides you a little something different, Osprey Apartments knows just the place for you. In addition to the spectacular coffee, True Brew Coffee House also serves up smoothies, juices, breakfast sandwiches, bowls and burritos. Doesn’t that sound like something you can get behind? It is worth noting that True Brew closes earlier in the afternoon, so when you’re in Portland’s South Waterfront, make sure that you get your fix before 3:30 on weekdays and 2:30 on weekends.

Southeast Grind

Although the Southeast Grind clientele is often made up of mostly students, the atmosphere is welcoming to anyone that just wants to hang out and have a great cup of coffee. It’s a favorite of the Staff here at Osprey Apartments. Southeast Grind sets itself apart from all the other Cofee Shops with free WIFI in the area by remaining in service all day, every day. That’s right – there is always someone available to make your favorite coffee, espresso, smoothies and juices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You’ll also be delighted to hear that they have a menu that includes healthy and sustainable foods, and they support the local art community by regularly showcasing the work of Portland artists.

South Waterfront Starbucks

We know, we know. It’s not the most LOCAL option, but nonetheless, there is free WIFI at the South Waterfront Starbucks. Nestled in the Oregon Health & Science University Collaborative Life Science Building, this is a conveniently located spot if you’re searching for a signal in the South Waterfront. If you find yourself hopping off or on the MAX Orange Line light rail or biking over Tilikum Crossing, you can easily stop in and order your favorite drink. It’s spacious and modern, and some say it’s one of the nicer Starbucks in all of PDX!

We know there’s a contingent of Portlanders who love their free WIFI coffee shops, which is one of the main reasons we couldn’t imagine being anywhere other than the South Waterfront! But, if snagging some free WIFI in a coffee shop to do a little work isn’t really your style, you should know that Osprey also provides free WIFI to our residents! That’s right, in each and everyone of our social spaces our residents can access Osprey’s WIFI signal to surf the net or get some work done! You can’t beat that!

Osprey Apartments believes that you deserve to life a wholesome, balanced lifestyle. We’ve created an environment to allow for this experience through our philosophy of Thoughtful Living. Whether you are inside your apartment, or out and about in South Waterfront neighborhood, you know you’re at home.

Every day, our residents have the privilege to explore and be a part of an inviting and flourishing community. Then, when it’s time to retire to the comfort of their own living spaces, they benefit from functional floor plans and top-notch amenities that were designed to enhance their day to day.

If you’re interested in joining the community at Osprey apartments and experiencing Thoughtful Living for yourself, Check out Osprey Apartments!

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