Game Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day in Southwest Portland

Game Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day in Southwest Portland

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, which means the amount of time you have to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date is dwindling. But there’s no need to panic, Osprey Apartments is here to help. If you live in Portland, you’re fortunate enough to live in an amazing city that’s constantly bustling with activity. Plus, we’re suckers for romance. That’s why us romantics at Osprey Apartments have taken the time to put some serious thought into this.  Here’s our guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day in Portland.

1. Take a walk along the South Waterfront Greenway

The Greenway is a car-free walkway in Portland’s South Waterfront, right near Osprey! Not too long ago, Portland reclaimed it from industrial use to create a gorgeous park that also provides access to a transportation corridor. From the Marquam Bridge to the River Forum Building, you can take a leisurely quarter-mile stroll, and enjoy the wildlife, greenery and stunning views of the Willamette River. You can also stop to appreciate one or more of the five river overlooks located throughout the park, the perfect scene to kick of your Valentine’s Day in Portland.

2. Stop for Happy Hour, or Stay for a Drink

Osprey Apartments is located in the South Waterfront district, which sports many awesome happy hours within the small vicinity. If you want some good ambiance, check out Imperial. Great food and bites are available during happy hour, which runs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. It also doesn’t hurt that Willamette Week named Imperial the 2015 Restaurant of the Year, so you know you’re in for something good. Another excellent option is Aquariva. From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily (3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday), you can enjoy a cocktail while admiring views of the Willamette, which is certainly not a bad way to spend Valentine’s Day in Portland.

If happy hour isn’t a big goal for the Valentine’s day in Portland agenda, there are plenty of other bars that are worth visiting. You should definitely pay a visit to Frank Wine and Flower, which is just a two-minute walk from Osprey Apartments. Not only does it serve a drink that always lends itself to romance – wine – it also doubles as a flower shop. Flowers and wine! It doens’t get any more Valentine’s Day than that!  If you’re in need of more activity, then head over to Suki’s Bar & Grill. With trivia, karaoke, pool and pinball, there is never a dull moment at here! Couples that sing karaoke together, stay together!

3. Grab a Bite to Eat at a Fantastic Restaurant, or a Food Truck If You’re in a Hurry

We’re not sure if you’ve heard yet, but Portland is a foodie city. That means that the restaurant competition here is fierce, which makes the food superb. We at Osprey Apartments have been lucky enough to experience some truly fantastic cuisine. Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grill has a lot of hype, and for a good reason. You can eat like you’re at a luau without leaving Portland’s South Waterfront! Plus, they have live music, which usually makes a welcome addition to a date. To get an sophisticated feel without spending too much money, make a reservation at Paiche. The atmosphere is intimate and quiet, and the Peruvian food is inventive and extraordinary. It’s the perfect spot for Valentine’s Day in Portland. It’s hardly any wonder they won 2016 Restaurant of the Year from Willamette Weekly!

Also, Portland is extremely famous for its delectable food trucks. It’s perfect for a quick bite, but it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean the food quality is compromised. Let’s Eat Thai Food is just a stone’s throw away from Osprey Apartments. It’s very authentic and incredibly affordable, so you can’t go wrong there. The Gantry at Zidell Yards offers variety as a food pod – a collection of delicious food trucks. There are several pods around the city, but only The Gantry has Namu Korean-Hawaiian and Neue Southern. You can also hit up Garden Monsters if you’re looking for lighter fare. Whatever you choose, they’re all unapologetically scrumptious!

4. Catch a Movie

Regal Pioneer Place Stadium Portland ORSometimes, it works to be a little old fashioned. A movie is a classic choice for any date, but its particularly special on Valentine’s Day. Nothing quite compares to when you and your main squeeze get to enjoy a romantic flick while sharing a bucket of popcorn. It’s all a wonderful bonding experience. If you’re in the mood for a more indie vibe, pick up tickets at Living Room Theatres or 5th Avenue Cinema. For blockbusters or science documentaries, definitely check out what’s playing at the OMSI. And, for a traditional moviegoer experience, hit up Regal Pioneer Place Stadium 6.

You see – planning for Valentine’s Day in Portland is not that hard. It’s a city bursting with culture and activity. Plus, you don’t have to go very far. That’s one of the reasons Osprey Apartments decided to put down its roots in the South Waterfront. We’ve put ourselves in the perfect position to allow people to take advantage of the best of Portland, both the natural and the urban. Plus, after taking in all the Rose City has to offer, our residents get to retreat to a home with comfortable and functional floor plans, modern finishes and top-notch amenities.

So many Portlanders have decided to become a part of the Osprey experience, and they love it.

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