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5 Spots for Last Minute Holiday Shopping in Portland


Got a little bit of last minute Holiday shopping left to tackle? Whether you’re the kind of person that has been diligently searching for the perfect gift all year long, or another procrastinator that just awoke from their post-thanksgiving food coma to finally realize it was December, Osprey Apartments has your back. When it comes to last minute holiday shopping, we know where it’s at. Portland at large has some great shopping that’s totally unlike anywhere else. And don’t worry, we’re not just throwing out any suggestion we can come up with, and we’re definitely not going to send you to the mall. We did our homework and we’ve come up with a short, yet exemplary list that perfectly embodies the Portland holiday shopping scene. So, if the holidays are bearing down on you, and you’ve still got gifts to buy, here’s where you should go:

1. MadeHere PDX

One of the reasons Osprey Apartments has made its home here is because Portland is a hub of culture and style. The folks at MadeHere PDX have tapped into the Rose City’s creativity through their development of space by Portlanders, for Portlanders. From kitchenware to custom motorcycles, MadeHere PDX features an incredibly wide array of merchandise, all born and bred in Portland. With an eclectic selection and an extremely helpful staff, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find just the right gift. The store is located in the Pearl District and is quite easy to get to via public transportation. So, there’s excuse for not making a last minute holiday shopping trip to check out all the impressive work from these talented artists, designers and craftsmen.

2. Portland Saturday Market

What could be better for last minute holiday shopping in Portland than a market that’s been serving the city for over 40 years? The Portland Saturday Market has become a staple of the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood and is open every weekend from March up through December 24th. That’s right – if you like living on the edge, you can put off all of  your Holiday shopping until Christmas Eve! More than 250 vendors fill the Waterfront Park and Ankeny Plaza to offer their arts and crafts. This includes glasswork, jewelry, accessories, and items for the home, pet care, fashion, and health and wellness. Also, don’t worry about getting hungry during your shopping extravaganza. There’s a food court that boasts Hawaiian and Guatemalan fare, among other delicious eats.

3. America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar

If you have a love for Christmas, the Bazaar is a must. For nearly 35 years, this massive event has been providing an extraordinary Portland shopping experience. With the 900 booths set up at the Expo Center, you can spend the entire day digging through your last minute holiday shopping. There’s ornaments, art, food, clothing, jewelry, personalized items, books, journals, furniture, sporting goods and so much more.

There’s a good chance of finding one-of-a-kind gifts because the organizers work hard to showcase distinct, yet varied products. Many of the retailers and artists have gone through special processes to ensure that their work is uniquely handmade. You can find these original, rare items in the 400 booths that reside in Artisan’s Alley. Also, keep in mind that if you or your kids need a little variety in your lives, take a break from all the last minute holiday shopping and enjoy a ride on the carousel. You can also grab a bite to eat at the Delta Park Café or the concession stands. And, if a little one-on-one time is needed with Santa, make sure to get to the Santa’s Village display.

4. Powell’s City of Books

You can’t go wrong at Powell’s. Sure, the seasoned Portlander might tell you that Powell’s is an obvious choice for last minute holiday shopping in Portland, but they’ll likely tell you that while they’re in the middle of shopping at Powell’s. They really have everything, and when they say “City of Books”, they mean it. The bookstore is located on a full city block in the Pearl District, one of the premier Portland shopping districts. The famous Powell’s, which is less than 15 minutes away from Osprey, fills over 68,000 square feet with gifts, accessories, souvenirs, and new and used books. If you have a book lover in your life, you can’t go wrong here. It’s a true paradise for literature fanatics. And of course, you can always grab a gift card if you’re worried you might not pick out the perfect book that’s going to define the recipient’s life for the whole year.

5. Last Minute Holiday Shopping in Pop Up Shops

If you want to get your hands on some carefully crafted gifts that will not only blow your friends and family away, but also support the local Portland economy, pop up shops are the way to go. These temporary stores are set up in different areas of the city and allow artists and retailers to showcase their amazing products to new and eager customers. Empty properties get rented, small businesses get a chance to grow, jobs get created, and you get access to more Portland flavor, shopping options, top-notch merchandise. Fortunately, for shoppers, the Holiday season inspires many curated pop up shop events. For example, UP Design Studio hosts the Holiday Pop Up Shop, which features more than 30 local sellers offering a variety of products. No one will think that you went last minute holiday shopping. They’ll think you’ve been hitting the local shops all year long! For a nice full list of Portland Holiday Pop ups, go here.

Portlanders believe in happiness and prosperity. At Osprey, we feel the same way, which is why we call the South Waterfront home. Here, you don’t have to go far fulfill your shopping needs, and you can come home after a long day and relax in one of our spacious floor plans or social spaces.

If you’re interested in a Portland lifestyle, contact Osprey Apartments. You won’t regret it!

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