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6 Tips on Getting the Most out of Your Apartment Space!


Whatever the size of your apartment, whether your live in a loft or a studio apartment, it’s important that you’re getting the most out of your space. Why? Well for one, it’s truly terrible to have guests over in a cluttered, disorganized, mess of an apartment – which we all know. When you utilize the space of your home efficiently, cleaning and organizing become second nature.

But thinking beyond your guests, there are a number of  physical and mental benefits that come with cleaning and organizing:

Cleaning and Organization are an important part of getting the most out of your space. In fact, it may be the only part!  And the good news is that it’s not even difficult; getting the most out of your space isn’t some complicated math equation and you don’t need to subscribe to feng shui or some other prescribed idea of interior design. Just follow a few of these straightforward, common-sense apartment tips. If you exercise a bit of mindfulness in your daily activities, you’ll easily get the most out of your space, while enjoying a more thoughtful, productive, and healthy home life.

Less is More

Less is More - Luxury Portland Apartments

Admittedly this first tip is less of an actual tip and more of a general philosophy, but minimalism has its perks. For one, it eliminates a lot of decisions while also simplifying decorating and cleaning. And again, it’s not as though minimalism itself is a weighty interior design concept that you need to spend a lot of time with to get right. Start here: think of utilitarian concerns. Where will you store things? Will everything in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. have it’s own space? If not, will they be easily accessible? These questions will get you on the right track. Remember: form follows function, and decorative items should be considered last if you’re going minimal.

Hidden Storage Is Always Helpful

Hidden Storage Is Always Helpful - portland oregon apartments

Storage is important, but having unneeded  boxes, or other storage materials in and around your apartment kind of defeats the purpose of trying to save space and keep your apartment organized. Hidden storage is always a good way to go if your goal is getting the most out of your space. Under the bed, desk, coffee table…this is all space that is otherwise going unused in your apartment. All you need is a nice table cloth or dust cover and your guests will be none-the-wiser to your space saving ingenuity.

Opt for Space Saving Furniture

Space Saving Furniture - Portland Apartment Rentals

Try to find pieces of furniture that can double as storage spaces. Look for coffee tables that have some usable space underneath. Make use of storage ottomans and benches. If you plan on purchasing a new bed, consider a platform or one that includes drawers on the bottom. Ikea has pretty much cornered the market on hyper efficient furniture; they’re always a good bet. Also, skirts can instantly turn normal tables and open sinks into mini closets that can hold various belongings, while adding a nice stylish touch. Plus, if you need extra-storage space, Osprey has storage options available.

Wall Hooks For The Win

Wall Hooks For The Win South Waterfront Apartments Portland OR

Here’s a classic Apartment Home Tip that should be used by minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between: Wall Hooks! Wall hooks are an incredibly easy way to utilize more of your space. Think about a coat-rack and how it makes entering and exiting your apartment that much easier. Now apply the same principle, but all over your apartment. This works best for items that you pick up and use often. Think pots and pans, kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils, towels, hats, belts, and other clothes. Careful though: too many wall hooks can be more of a blessing than a curse, as it can potentially cause a lot of extra clutter if you hang too much up.

Daily Cleaning

Daily Cleaning - Portland Or Apartments

Do a little bit of cleaning each and every day. Even if it’s just collecting dishes in the kitchen sink. It’s well known that binge cleaning is less effective than a little daily cleaning here and there. If you get into the habit of spending a minor amount of time tidying up a every day, you’ll save the hassle of cleaning and organizing in the long run and you’ll enjoy the space within your apartment, much more. Taking 15 minutes to engage in some cleaning each day, while also immediately cleaning up after yourself, is an exercise in mindfulness that lets you appreciate your space while also getting the most out of it.

Plan Ahead & Be Patient!

Plan Ahead & Be Patient - Portland Apt for Rent

The number 1 way to go about getting the most out of your space: plan ahead! Before you start dumping boxes and throwing up decorations, give the layout of your apartment a little forethought. Where is everything going to go? What items ought to be tucked away? Which things will you use more frequently? Will everything fit? Try to have a general idea of the style and look you want, but also try to keep convenience in mind. Remember: form follows function, and the function of your apartment (how comfortable and useful the space is) will eventually dictate how you feel about it, no matter what sort of plans you have for decoration. Decide if you’re going to divide rooms up into distinct sections. Once you have an idea of the layout, figure out how to arrange your furniture, and then you can hit the ground running with the rest of our apartments to help you get the most out of your space. Most importantly, however; don’t forget to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it may take a few weeks of living in your apartment to understand how to best utilize its space.

Getting the most out of your space isn’t rocket science, but it does take a little bit of mindfulness and effort. Osprey Apartments in Portland’s South Waterfront is happy to provide our residents with a number of floorplans and layouts that are capable of suiting all sorts of lifestyles and arrangements. It’s easy to get the most out of your space when you live in a thoughtfully designed community like Osprey Apartments.

If you’re interested in joining our community, or if you’d like to schedule a tour of the building, please get in touch today!

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