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Where to Work out in the South Waterfront Portland, OR


When choosing a new neighborhood to call home, many apartment hunters are primarily concerned with lifestyle possibilities and daily conveniences. “Will I be able to lead the type of life I want here?” “How convenient will that life be?” These are the questions people often ask of themselves. One of the most common places where these concerns come to a head is the daily workout. “Will I be able to get that daily 30-60 minutes of exercise I most desperately need?”

It’s for this reason many new apartment communities are including an on-site fitness center, providing convenient access to a workout space and machines for their residents. Still, people  are searching for a designated workout spot that offers a little more than just space and machines, like classes, trainers, and specific challenging workouts.

Ride PDX

RidePDX in Portland, OR

Ride PDX is a boutique indoor spin cycling studio in the heart of the South Waterfront. The studio was born out of Portlanders’ need for a workout that invigorates the body and soul in a quick 45 minutes, a fun and exhilarating alternative to the traditional gym experience. The signature 45-minute ride includes hills, sprints, and a weighted arm section. The instructors lead the way by setting goals and providing instruction, but the rider is always in control.  All the bikes are customizable in terms of position, resistance, speed, and RPMs, but most importantly, you’re able to track your progress and all of your stats online. For pricing and weekly schedules, visit their site.

OHSU March Wellness & Fitness Center


Did you know that OHSU, one of the biggest employers in the PDX metro area, has an onsite fitness center at their South Waterfront location? The March Wellness & Fitness center provides health and fitness programs that are based on scientific research. The center offers all-inclusive programs that are designed to strengthen and foster fitness within all aspects of your daily life – regardless of your level of fitness or experience. The Wellness center can help you with  flexibility, chronic illness, training, and recovery – all within a safe and motivating environment. They also have a spa! For a program schedule, membership questions, and all other info visit their site.

Crossfit 503


Crossfit503 was recently voted the best Crossfit in all of Portland, so if you’re after the intense, integrative workout that you’ve come to expect from Crossfit, you know where to go. Crossfit503 offers one-on-one instruction with the most hands-on fitness training courses in Portland. The staff is committed to providing extraordinary training and support, while also providing a fun and engaging atmosphere in which to exercise. Here, you can expect a welcoming and supportive community, personal coaching, nutritional guidance, and personal performance tracking – so you’re able to measure your results! But, there’s so much more you can get out of Crossfit503. For more info, pricing and scheduling, visit their site.

PSU Campus Rec


The Campus Rec at PSU is a world-class fitness center that provides anything you could possibly be looking for in a gym. Campus Rec offers a flexible fitness program that’s meant to provide PSU students with a simple way to keep healthy – but really, it’s open for membership for all Portlanders. They’re known for Group X – drop-in fitness classes that are equal parts challenging and fun, while staying appropriate for all fitness levels. They also offer personal training, small group training, and rotating workshops and clinics. Right now they’re doing an Olympic Lifting Workshop to educate members on their new lifting equipment. With over 100 pieces of equipment and a dedicated staff ready to help, you’ll never need another gym. Visit their site for more info.

Waterfront Fitness


Waterfront Fitness incorporates various training techniques to provide members with a transformative fitness experience. They specialize in group boot camp courses, designed to be fun and engaging. During the spring and summer, all workouts are OUTSIDE, at either Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park, the Riverfront Park, or Elizabeth Caruthers Park. Don’t worry – indoor classes commence in the winter. Plus, the workouts change daily so you’ll never find yourself bored with the sessions. AND, if group fitness isn’t what you’re after, they offer general and sport-specific personal training. For more info, visit their site.

The 24-7 Onsite Gym at Osprey

If membership fees, group fitness, or classes aren’t really your thing, you’ve got a 24-hour gym in your community if you live at Osprey. The places we’ve mentioned here are great but…..Oh, who are we kidding? The Fitness Center at Osprey is fantastic – a fully stocked gym with modern machines and equipment and it’s open 24-7! What else could you ask for? If you’re considering the South Waterfront neighborhood, and access to a gym is important to you, try living with an on-site gym at Osprey. On those rainy days when it’s hard to get outside, take solace in the fact that you’ll have an indoor space ready to help you keep your New Year’s resolution momentum moving forward.

The South Waterfront may as well be known as the workout capital of Portland. With so many incredible fitness centers and outdoor recreation areas, this section of the Rose City is perfect for those looking to achieve an active lifestyle alongside the conveniences of city living. If you’re apartment hunting in Portland, and daily physical fitness is important to you, consider Osprey. With an immaculate, state-of-the-art on-site fitness center, and a number of world-class gym’s just around the corner, you’ll never have a shortage of physical activity.

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