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Money Saving Tips for Life In A Multi-Family Apartment Community


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little frugality here and there! These days, folks from all over are opting for money saving tactics that allow them to spend their money where it matters – on loved ones and having fun! And at Osprey – we’re all about it! In fact, many of the aspects of the community here at Osprey have been specifically designed to maximize convenience without sacrificing comfort – if you’re up for it, there are plenty of ways you can save money while living at Osprey, without diminishing your experience of Portland, or your lifestyle. Here are just a few…

Remember, Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day!

Not too long ago, we wrote a blog post about how to save money while decorating your apartment. We included many tips in there, but chief among them was exercising patience. Patience is important! Whether you’re decorating your new apartment at Osprey, you’re saving up for a special purchase, or you’re simply trying to re-work your monthly budget it order to save a little more, choosing to be patient never hurts! Remember, whatever you do with your money, just know that you don’t need to spend it right away!

Utilize Public Transportation or a Bike!

Osprey, at the South Waterfront in general, is supremely outfitted for public transportation. Tilikum Crossing, Portland’s first car-free bridge is just around the corner, and you can take it’s Max Orange Line to quickly hop over to the East side. There’s also the Portland StreetCar, which is an incredibly fun way to get around the South Waterfront and into downtown. Plus, you’ve got numerous bus stops for the 35 and 36 lines, which can take you all over town.

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about Portland’s Aerial Tram, which can take over to Marquam Hill quickly while providing an unbeatable view of downtown PDX.

And if public transportation isn’t your thing, let us remind you that, according to Walkscore, the South Waterfront is a biker’s paradise. And with Osprey’s bike cleaning and storage facilities, you’re perfectly outfitted for life on two wheels.

DIY it!

We recently wrote a blog post that included some DIY cleaning tips for Osprey’s finishes. Most people think that what you save monetarily when you go DIY, you pay for in the time it takes to prepare and put things together, but this isn’t necessarily true. When creating DIY cleaning solutions, for instance, if you plan ahead and make a large enough quantity, you’re saving both time and money by avoiding future trips to the store.

Don’t worry – it’s not as though you need to start living solely off of recycled goods – but a few DIY tricks here and there will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. And DIY doesn’t just pertain to cleaning – in actuality, there are all sorts of DIY tips you can use to decorate, clean, and organize your apartment.

Eat In More Often

Eating Out often is the number 1 way to drain your wallet. Sure, we all love the experience of eating out; it’s a ton of fun, and the food is typically better than what you’d make at home. But, if you’re looking to create a sensible, realistic budget, then trips to restaurants and opting for take-out should be the first thing you cut back on.

Everybody knows that making food at home is more economical, so why don’t we do it more often? Convenience – that’s why. Remember, convenience especially when it comes to food, is typically something you pay for.  The community at Osprey is anything but typical. Every apartment at Osprey comes loaded with stainless steel whirlpool appliances and a ton of counter real estate, allowing you to unleash your inner celebrity chef at your whim. Plus, Osprey also has an epic Community Lounge with a full-service kitchen. So, if you’re ever looking to cook an utterly massive meal at home, you’ve got  the space and the resources for it!

Choose Quality over Quantity

If you’re struggling to stick to your monthly budget, try and take a look at the items you spend money on most often. This may seem counter-intuitive because higher quality typically costs more at the outset, but if you opt for quality over quantity when making purchases for your apartment, you’ll save in the long run. Sure, that used couch might be really inexpensive, but if it breaks down and you’re forced to buy another, how inexpensive was it really? Having said that, saving money by choosing quality over quantity with food doesn’t really work; higher quality foods are always more expensive, and they don’t necessarily last longer than less expensive alternatives. But when it comes to clothing, furniture, supplies, and decorations, it’s never a bad idea to opt for something that will last the test of time.

Osprey’s Social Spaces for the WIN!

As we said earlier, Osprey is outfitted for both comfort and convenience –  not just within each apartment – but the entirety of the building. Every communal space within Osprey has free WIFI. You read that correctly – FREE WIFI! While it’s probably not best to rely solely on the community’s amenities, the constant availability of a network connection will certainly help you save on your data plan. If you work remotely, there’s no need to go to a coffee shop or a library for internet access. You can leave your apartment and set out for a day of productivity without having to go far.

Lest we forget to mention Osprey’s State-of-the-art onsite Fitness Center, which is open 24/7. With constant access to a complete gym, with all the facilities you’ve come to expect at all the popular gym franchises, you can kiss that costly membership goodbye.

At Osprey, we believe in Thoughtful Living – in fact, it’s our guiding philosophy in all things that we do. Thoughtful Living means that all of your needs have been considered and the community has been specifically designed to suit those needs. If you’re looking for money saving tips for Life in a multi-family apartment community, the #1 tip that we can give is to choose to live in an apartment community that takes care of you and your needs! And that’s Osprey!

If you’re interested in joining our community and experiencing the best that Portland has to offer, contact us today!

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