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DIY Cleaning Tricks and Tips for Osprey’s Apartment Finishes


At Osprey, we believe in Thoughtful Living. In fact, it’s our guiding principal in all design decisions that are made regarding our community. Thoughtful Living is just that – a purposeful, curated approach to design that is meant to maximize both the convenience and aesthetics of our community. We want you to enjoy Osprey both inside and out, and that’s we’ve taken the time to make sure everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – is just right, including the Apartment Finishes that are included in each unit. We’ve made sure Osprey’s finishes are easy on the eyes and just as easy to clean. But again, we want to maximize your enjoyment of Osprey, which is why we’ve taken the time to break down the quickest and easiest ways in which to clean your apartment’s finishes! Here goes:

  1. Stainless steel appliances

    1. The Stainless Steel appliances at Osprey are a cinch to clean – they are Stainless after all! But, it’s not as though they remain immaculate – every now and again, you’ll find fingerprint smudges, grease spots, or other detritus that needs your attention. Just follow these easy steps to clean your stainless steel appliances –
        1. Get some vinegar, a spray bottle, and some olive oil. Put the vinegar in the spray bottle with  a bit of water and set the oil aside. Identify the ‘grain’ of your stainless steel appliance – just like wood, stainless steel has a grain – if you wipe with the grain, it’s much easier to clean.
        2. Spray down the area you want to clean, and using a paper towel, wipe with the grain until the vinegar is off. Then repeat the same process with the oil and a paper towel. VOILA – clean and sparkly stainless steel appliances!
  2. Ceramic Tile Backsplash

    1. The Ceramic Tile Backsplashes at Osprey provide a tasteful, clean look to your kitchen counter. But, because they are in your kitchen’s main action zone, they tend to get a little dirtier than the stainless steel appliances. But don’t fear – they are perfect for DIY cleaning, they just require a little more elbow grease. Here it goes –
        1. Gather some baking soda, warm water, and a soft sponge. Sprinkle baking soda on and around soiled areas of the ceramic.
        2. Lightly wet your sponge and get to scrubbing. Using just a little bit of water will turn the baking soda into more of a paste. Big circular scrubs with a little bit of effort should do the trick.
  3. Quartz Style Countertops

    1. Quartz is technically engineered stone made from combining quartz crystals and resin. It’s incredibly strong and resistant to daily wear, but any spills should be promptly cleaned up and harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided at all costs. Other than that, with a little DIY cleaner, you can easily keep your Quartz Countertops pristine! Here’s how:
        1. Mix together 1 cup of Rubbing Alcohol, ¾ cup of water, and a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle and shake it up.
        2. Evenly spray the mixture over your countertops and wipe in circular motions using a rag or paper towel. The water and soap will help break down any greasiness or hard stains, and the rubbing alcohol will dry off and leave your counters disinfected and gleaming!
  4. Euro-style cabinets

    1. Osprey’s Euro-style cabinets provide a naturally tasteful aesthetic to your apartment. They look great and they’re quite easy to clean, as long as you have the proper DIY cleaner in tow. We hope you hung onto to that spray bottle, vinegar, and olive oil from cleaning your stainless steel appliances:
        1. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, and enough water in a spray bottle to fill it. Shake vigorously.
        2. Do one cabinet at a time. Shake, Spray, wipe clean, and move on. The vinegar will break down any oils or grease without harming the wood and the oil will leave the cabinet polished with a nice, fresh luster.
  5. LVT Plank Flooring

    1. We chose LVT, or luxury vinyl tile plank flooring for Osprey for a few different reasons. For one, LVT looks great – it provides an elegant natural feel to the Apartments at Osprey. Secondarily, it’s incredibly durable and quite easy to clean. Forget about premixed, store bought mop cleaners; there’s no need, they smell bad, and they’re terrible for you and your pets.
        1. Mix a few squirts of dish soap with some hot water in a bucket. Locate a mop or a rag.
        2. While you don’t need overly strong chemicals, you may need a strong scrub to thoroughly clean your LVT floors, but on your done, your floors will sparkle and be entirely gentle on your bare feet.

At Osprey, it’s our aim to maximize the convenience and enjoyment of our community. From our easy-to-clean finishes, to our tastefully designed floorplans, to our engaging social spaces, everything at Osprey is designed with you in mind.

If you’re interested in Osprey, or living in Portland’s promising South Waterfront neighborhood, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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