8 South Waterfront Farmers Market Vendors You’ve Got to Check Out


At Osprey Apartments, it’s our goal to showcase the fantastic sort of lifestyle you can lead in the South Waterfront. Between the restaurants, the shopping, the fantastic places to live, the ease of transport, and the local events – (the list goes on) – it’s truly a fantastic part of Portland to call home!

And we haven’t even mentioned the neighborhood’s premier event – the South Waterfront Farmers Market! Now, in it’s 5th year, the market has grown from a single stand back in 2011 to a full-fledged market with nearly 40 vendors participating this current year. It’s truly the best way to get your hands on some locally grown, locally sourced goods at a fair price, while also supporting and appreciating the local businesses that work hard to bring these goods to your table.

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But remember, The South Waterfront Farmers Market is seasonal – happening every Thursday from June through October – which means you only have about a month left to get down there and treat yourself to some local fare. So, we thought we’d put together a quick list of South Waterfront Farmers Market Vendors that you absolutely can’t miss – here goes:

The Vendors

Crooked Furrow Farms

Crooked Furrow Farms Portland OR

Crooked Furrow Farms is a small, diversified family-owned farm based out of Corvallis, OR. Their farm provides folks with fresh, nutritious fare grown using the most sustainable methods available. They are a definite favorite of the South Waterfront Farmer’s market, but they also bring their farm fresh produce to other markets in Portland, Corvallis, and Newport, OR. They specialize in tomatoes, apples, pears, and various veggies.

Baird Family Orchards


The Baird Family Orchards started in the 70’s in Corralitos, CA where they grew apples, kept bees, and raised chickens. The family relocated to Oregon soon thereafter and since then they’ve been dedicated to growing the sweetest and juiciest peaches the Northwest has to offer. These days, the orchard includes many varieties of peach, cherry, nectarine, apricot, plum, pluot, and apple trees.

Nature’s Wild Harvest


Nature’s Wild Harvest is a unique vendor for  the Farmer’s Market – they don’t grow, they forage! Foraging for mushrooms and berries is Wild Harvest’s specialty and they pride themselves on providing deliciously wild edible fare to the market’s attendees. They’re the South Waterfront’s go-to for mushrooms and wild berries, but they also do amazing jams and raw honey.

Fleur dis lis Bakery


Fleur dis Lis Bakery is a French Bakery situated in Northeast Portland that specializes in artisan French bread and pastries. They’re one of the most popular vendors in the Market. Committed to using flour of only the highest quality, as well as relying on locally sourced dairy, Greg Mitsell – the head baker at Fleur Dis Lis, emphasizes locality and craftsmanship above all else. Certainly not a vendor to miss!  

Woodfired Pizza from Renaissance Catering

Woodfired Pizza from Renaissance Catering Portland OR

The woodfired pizzas from Renaissance Catering are definitely the most popular hot food item available at the market. Already a successful catering company, Renaissance imported a portable wood-fired pizza oven from Italy just so they can provide folks with the most authentically delicious pizza possible. They knead, toss, sauce and serve traditional pizza but, they also make sure to include a variety of fun flavors including creamy alfredo sauce, Oregon clams, pancetta and sage. YUM!

Fish Market Portland


Always Wild and never farmed – that’s their motto. Portland Fish Market is the outcome of two families’ dream of bringing the best Pacific Northwest seafood to Portland while supporting the local fishermen. The Shirley and Berkowitz families have been fishing the Oregon Coast and enjoying fresh seafood together for years, and now they provide customers with locally sourced, fresh off the boat quality fish. Thanks to their connections, the Portland Fish Market can maintain fresh-off-the-boat quality, while directly supporting the fishermen who catch it.

2 Towns Ciderhouse


The folks at 2 Towns believe that true craft cider deserves to be made with purpose and respect. In 2012, 2 Towns planted their own orchard, and they continue to support other local apple growers through their insistence on using only the finest fresh pressed-100% NW apples in their ciders. They never take shortcuts in the cider-making process, and never add any sugar or essence flavorings. There’s nothing better than a genuine freshly-brewed cider on a crisp fall day, and 2 Towns Ciderhouse makes that available to the South Waterfront.

Eastside Distilling

Eastside Distilling Portland OR

Eastside Distilling has been producing high-quality, hand-crafted spirits in Southeast Portland’s Distillery Row since 2008. Locally-produced spirits are often just better, and all of Eastside’s unique products are made right here in Portland, Oregon using natural ingredients in small batches for unparalleled quality and taste. If you’re after uniquely delicious spirits brewed by Portlanders, Eastside is the spot to find them at the Market.

The Music

Food, drink, and delicious farm-fresh fare aren’t the only offerings at the South Waterfront Farmers Market – there’s also incredible local music, performed by different acts every week. Here are the performances you can still catch this season:

September 22: The Sagebrush Sisters – Classic Country with tons of emotion. Their harmonies take you back to the old west, down to the sweet sunny south and out on the lone prairie.

September 29: Little Big Band – A premier Portland special event band, The Little Big Band plays swing/jazz from all over the world from Paris, France to Paris, Texas to the shores of Hawaii and beyond.

October 6: Bill & Steve Music ranging from rock to blues, jazz and ragtime, old timey, bluegrass, folk and a whole lot of fun original songs. They enjoy taking requests!

October 13: How Long Jug BandThe How Long Jug Band plays vintage blues, jazz and ragtime music on standard and homemade instruments. Their influences are far reaching – from depression era to the 60’s, to modern day.

October 20: Hops & Honey String Band

The Hops & Honey String Band brews up an intoxicating blend of ragtime, old-time, and country blues music from the 1920s and ‘30s.

October 27: Castletown

Castletown has a sound best described as Energetic Celtic Folk Rock, blending the heart and soul of traditional Irish reels with modern folk, blues, jazz and country influences.


The South Waterfront Farmers Market is proud to be a SNAP-authorized organization. SNAP, or the supplemental nutrition assistance program, offers nutritional assistance and benefits to millions of low-income individuals, families, and communities. SNAP is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net, and the South WaterFront Farmers Market takes it to another level with their matching program! That’s right – individuals that use SNAP/EBT for market tokens have their first $5 matched by the market! Each year, thanks to the Sponsors (which include Osprey), the South Waterfront Farmers Market matches around $1,000 of EBT/SNAP funds. Pretty cool, huh? To find out more, visit the payment information page on the market’s site.

The South Waterfront Farmers Market is an exemplary event for the South WaterFront neighborhood. In this part of Portland, folks really care about living thoughtfully and in unison with their surrounding neighborhood, community, and landscape. The South WaterFront Farmers Market wholly embodies these characteristics in both its offerings and its generosity.

But, remember – the last Farmers Market of the Season is on Thursday, October 27th! So, make sure to get down there to take advantage of all the food and fun!

The South Waterfront seems like a pretty exciting corner of Portland, doesn’t it? If you’re interested in calling this wonderfully engaging neighborhood home, check out Osprey Apartments. Osprey is committed to providing residents with the best possible experience of the South Waterfront and Portland at large. With a ton of amenities, social spaces, and

To find out more, or to apply to our interest list, check out our website and apply today!

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