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9 High Tech Apartment Gadgets to Bring Your Home Into the Future


These days, with the current pace of daily life at an all time high, many of us utilize high-tech gadgetry to keep all of the moving parts of our lives in order. When it comes to improving your home life in an apartment, there is no shortage of apartment gadgets available. The problem comes in having to sift through all the new tech out there to determine which are actually worth your while.

But, guess what? You’re in luck!

The folks at Osprey have taken some of coolest homelife gadgets and created a streamlined list of the coolest and most useful ones for your express enjoyment. Here goes…  

1) Spin Remote



The Spin Remote is a remarkable new device that acts as a single remote for all of your devices. Say goodbye to four remotes and 200+ buttons to operate your home entertainment system. Spin remote lets you combine every function you truly need into a single device no bigger than the palm of your hand.  

2) Point


Point is a wall sensor that looks like of a smoke detector, but it does so much more! It can detect smoke, but it can also detect extremely loud noises, mold growth, and YOU when you arrive home. If anything of note happens while you’re not around, you’ll get a notification sent to your smartphone.      

3) Prizm 


Music is how you set the mood in your apartment and Prizm can help. Prizm is a new music player that you can plug into any speakers. You start by providing it with playlists and any music profiles, like pandora, that you have. Then, as you interact with it, it learns your tastes and habits to be able to play just the right music for the right moment with the touch of a button. 

4) Amazon Echo 


Echo is Amazon’s answer to Siri – but really, it does so much more. Echo is a digital personal assistant that can help with pretty much any aspect of your daily life. Forgot to order groceries? Not only can Echo remind you, it can actually order them for you. It can also play music, help your kids out with homework, and it’s completely voice operated – just say ‘Alexa’.

5) Ankuoo Neo Smart Plug


Ever lie down in bed only to remember that you left the kitchen light on. Rather than having to get back up, Neo Smart Plug’s from Ankuoo allow you to wirelessly control the outlets in your home. If you leave something on, you can use your smartphone to shut off the outlet. It uses your home’s WIFI, so you can wirelessly control your home’s outlets from anywhere. It’s like the ‘Clap-On’ lights, except your clap can be heard from your desk at work. 

6) Muji Air Purifier 


The tiny Muji Air Purifier really packs a wallop. It uses three layers of charcoal filtering to purify the air in your home, removing dust, pollen, dander, impurities, and even mites, while efficiently circulating the air in your space. Plus, it can sense when you’re vacuuming and it pumps up its filtration speed to remove any particles kicked up by your vacuum cleaner.

7) The NestNest-Apartment-Gadgets-Osprey-Apartments-Portland,ORThe Nest, a ‘smart thermostat’ that lets you control the temperature with your phone, is currently all the rage when it comes to futuristic apartment gadgetry – and it’s easy to see why. Getting out of bed to adjust the thermostat in the middle of the night has been an unwelcome annoyance for apartment dwellers for far too long. Plus, Nest starts to learn your daily schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly, which helps cut down on energy costs.

8) Notti Notti-light-Apartment-Gadgets-Osprey-Apartments-Portland,OR

Ever wait around your apartment for an important call only to realize that your phone was on silent and you MISSED IT!? Never again with Notti. Notti’s are stylish little mood lights that sync with your smartphone to light up and flash when your phone gets incoming correspondence. They also sport a surprisingly strong, 1-million color LED light, so they can set just about any mood imaginable. You can set it for different colors for different notifications on your phone, or set it to music mode and get treated to your own personal light show. 

9) Plasma Night Light  


Ok. Admittedly, this isn’t the most useful gadget on our list, but still, how COOL! For the inner Bill Nye in all of us, the Plasma NightLight is without a doubt the niftiest way to fend off the dark. Of course, you don’t NEED a night light, you’re too much of an adult for that! But you sure want this one, don’t you?!



Is that High-Tech enough for ya? With some of these gadgets in tow, your apartment will start to look like the inside of OSMI.

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