Osprey’s 5 Favorite Bars in Portland’s South Waterfront


The South WaterFront neighborhood of Portland really has it all; restaurants, shopping, recreation, exercise, an easy commute, new and fantastic places to live…it’s all here.

What about a place to wet your whistle, you ask? No problem, the South WaterFront has that in spades. If you’re looking for a quality spot to grab a drink allow us to point you in the right direction.

Here are Osprey’s 5 Favorite Bars in and around the South Waterfront neighborhood:

Frank Wine and Flower

Frank Wine and Flower portland or


Frank Wine and Flower is the unique sort of establishment that you’d only find in Portland. Get this; their name isn’t some clever bit of branding. Frank is a 2-in-1 wine bar and florist that residents of the South Waterfront, and Portland at large, can’t get enough of. Ezra, the Sommelier on staff, is well regarded throughout the neighborhood for his knowledge, attention to detail, and casual nature. They do have a finger menu, but the wine and flowers are the real starts here. Whether you’re a seasoned wine expert, or a newbie looking for the right place to start, Franks Wine and Flower is the spot you’ve got to try.

NW Growlers

NW Growlers Portland OR

Looking to sample some of the Northwest’s best beer? Well, if you’re in the South WaterFront, there’s no better place to fill your growler or grab a pint than NW Growlers. NW Growlers is a no-nonsense, no-frills establishment that has only one goal: get you to try some of the region’s best beer before the tap runs out and they replace it with another. NW Growlers is good to grab a quick pint, or to fill up a growler (duh) to take home. Added bonus: they’re completely animal friendly (there are usually a few cute pups lounging around the outside area) and you can bring your own food!


Veritable Quandary

Veritable Quandary portland or


Veritable Quandary definitely wins the prize for the coolest name, but it also stands out as being the most authentically Portland establishment on our list. Opened in 1971, Veritable Quandary strives to present customers with a taste of old Portland while still keeping pace with the current culinary scene. As a result, people in the South WaterFront, and in the rest of Portland, have been filling up this restaurant/bar for decades. Update: When we first found out about this spot, we had no idea that they were soon to close their doors. Luckily we got got enjoy this spot before it closed up! Bon Voyage Veritable Quandary – you will be missed! 

Suki’s Bar & Grill

sukis bar and grill portland or


Suki’s is your traditional Bar & Grill setting that specializes in doing it all:  weekly extended happy hours, trivia nights, karaoke, live music, free pool, pinball machines, and a fierce dedication to the NFL’s game schedule. Anything you’d ever want to do at a bar can be accomplished here. There have a full bar, and several rotating taps which feature locally brewed beers of unprecedented quality, and full-menu which goes from breakfast all the way into the late night happy hour menu. If you’re in the South Waterfront and any of the other bars on our list leave you wanting for something a little more straightforward, Suki’s is your spot.

Elephants on Corbett


The Elephant’s Deli chain has been providing great local food to Portlanders since 1979, and their location on Corbett, which is just a little ways south from Osprey Apartments, happens to be not just one of our favorite bars in the South Waterfront, but just one of our favorite food spots as well. Elephants is great because they do it all and they do it well. Everything from coffee and tea, brunch, lunch, and of course a full bar which includes incredible signature cocktail, and impressive list of wine offerings, and one of the absolute best happy hours in all of Portland. Whatever you’re looking for – from a quick bite, to a delicious sit down dinner – head to Elephants on Corbett to get it.



Well, there you have it! We told you that the South WaterFront has it all, and we barely scratched the surface of all the amazing culinary offerings you can sample in this corner of town. One thing that makes this neighborhood so special is all the different sort of bars  you can venture to. No matter what sort of experience you’re looking for, you can find the right spot to have a good time in the South WaterFront.

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