Proximity to urban life, which provides convenience, entertainment, and cultural experience

Proximity to urban life, which provides convenience, entertainment, and cultural experience

More and more millennials seem to be eschewing automobiles in favor of a more walkable lifestyle and environment, and likewise, walkability is hugely important for Boomers that are returning to urban areas. To be sure, not all Boomers are dead set on returning to the center of the city, but many still want to have a place that’s easily accessible. The ability to get somewhere easily is of the utmost importance to both generations.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest factors that’s driving Baby Boomers out of the suburbs and back to the cities is the same thing that’s currently attracting millennials, and the same thing that’s drawn people to cities for centuries: cities are cultural centers, tiny microcosms for the greater melting pot of the US. In a city, like Portland for example, you’re able to experience things you might miss in a suburb. Baby Boomers want to be close to the action. They want to be able to walk to a restaurant, see a show, check out a gallery, and stroll home, all in the same evening. With newer, more luxurious, urban apartment communities, this is becoming more and more possible.

Osprey is a gleaming example of the kind of apartment communities that are attracting both the Millennials and Baby Boomers of today. At Osprey, you can enjoy an affordable, conveniently located apartment with all the modern comforts and luxuries, right in the heart of Portland. Plus, Osprey is perfectly situated in Portland’s South Waterfront neighborhood, which provides a palatial environment right alongside the excitement of city living. Whether you’re a young urban professional ready to take on the world, or a recent retiree wistfully searching for a fun, yet relaxing place to live, there’s no doubt you’ll find comfort at Osprey.

If you’re interested in an exciting lifestyle as part of the South Waterfront community, check out Osprey Apartments and sign up for pre-leasing today!

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