How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

So you’re in the market for a new Portland apartment but you’re not sure what size floorplan is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few helpful tips to make sure you find that Goldilocks apartment; the one that’s just right for you.

Here are 6 quick and dirty tips to help you decide on the right floorplan:

1. Understand your budgetary restrictions

    1. This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Obviously, you can’t choose a floorplan that you’re unable to afford. But remember, your apartment budget is limited to just your monthly rent amount. You must remember to consider utilities, fees, commutes, and any other monthly costs you could incur.
    2. Pro tip: Sometimes opting for a smaller floor plan that’s easier to afford will allow you a more fulfilling home life. More financial breathing room always helps.

2. Understand your family’s needs (if you have one) and how the unit and building can accommodate them

    1. How big is your family? Just you and your spouse? Do you have kids? How many? Of course, these are questions that you’ve likely answered before you’ve even started considering floorplans and they are most likely guiding your decision. That being said, choosing a floor plan for your family is more than just choosing the number of rooms; you need to make sure you have enough shared space, along with bedrooms, to provide your family with both privacy and interaction.
    2. Pro Tip: Osprey apartments has a number of communal spaces in the building allowing residents enough space both inside and outside of their units, which is helpful for families as well as individual tenants.

3. Consider both your home and work lives

    1. Many apartment searchers make the fatal mistake of solely considering one aspect of their life when choosing a floor plan. You may opt for a smaller apartment with minimal decor because it affords you a speedy commute. Conversely, you may choose a larger, grand apartment with a longer commute time if it’s worth it to you. Remember to always consider both your home and work lives when choosing a floor plan. If you preference one over the other, eventually something’s gotta give and you’ll either be stressed over your commute or uncomfortable in your home.
    2. Pro Tip: Osprey apartments has the best of both worlds: a variety of comfortable floorplans combined with a central location for an easy commute and at-home comfort.

4. Understand the Pro’s and Con’s of your Floorplan

    1. It’s important to thoroughly understand the benefits and limitations of your potential floorplans before you make a final decision. And that involves more than just considering the available space, it means considering that space’s functionality. Remember, even the largest apartment can suffer from a poor layout. Likewise, a teeny-tiny apartment can be the pinnacle of functionality and comfort if designed properly.
    2. Pro tip: Remember, when choosing a floorplan, comfort and functionality should be of equal priority. Also, a smaller floor plan isn’t always a con.

5. Consult a Professional

    1. A professional interior designer, a realtor, or a property manager are all good people to consult if you’re feeling vexed by the prospect of choosing the right floor plan for your lifestyle. Even preemptively, professional’s like these can help get you to start asking the right questions. Interior designers are particularly good sounding boards for your layout ideas, and realtors/property managers are typically wonderful resources for information concerning a floor plan design, it’s functionality and the experience of the previous tenant.
    2. Pro tip: The property managers at Osprey have heard any and all questions having to do with their floorplans, and they are more than well-equipped to aid you in your decision.

6. Trust Your Gut

    1. Don’t be too analytical! Remember that your choice of the “correct” floorplan has a lot to do with feeling, the feeling of what’s right for you and yours. When it comes down to it, only you will know how you’re likely to feel about a floorplan in the future, so your opinion is the one you should trust most. If you don’t feel good about an apartment’s floor plan when you first move-in, trust us, you’re not going to learn to love it. You’ll only find more things that you dislike.
    2. Pro Tip: There’s no need to be too cerebral when choosing a floor plan. Of course, you have to be logical. You can’t just go on feeling alone, but don’t neglect your feelings in favor of the most logical choice. You should be able to find a comfortable apartment that you love, even if you’re on a budget.

Fortunately, Osprey Apartments makes it easy on our tenants. Not only do we have a variety of floorplans to suit all sorts of lifestyles and individuals, each of our floorplans is expertly crafted to provide a ton of living space, ample natural light, and comfort.

If you’re searching for a Portland apartment and you’re feeling bogged down by the choice of a location, a building, and a floorplan, let the professionals at Osprey lend a hand. We promise you won’t regret it!

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